Monday, 20 June 2011

Amy's quiz

She made this up at the weekend, it is rather eclectic mix of information, google came up with the answers if you get stuck.

Who invented dynamite?
How many shops are there in West Quay?
How do you spell supercalorfragilisticexpilalidocious?
Name two brands of toothpaste.
What is the longest road in Thornhill?

Where does her mind wander? Now you know. She also invented a new service of washing up, for the price of 50 p per item, she will get your dirty pans SPARKLING. So far I am her only customer and am using her for trials.

H, meanwhile, was busy making a powerpoint about pedometers, by researching on Amazon, she is able to show you the prices and features of an array of reasonably priced pedometers.

Alberto Contador was reccying the T de F and got stopped on a ride by the gendarmarie for not having lights on his bike in a tunnel. good on them. Who does he think he is?

It is a very exciting time of year for sport, with the T de F about to start in a couple of weeks, after Wimbldon finishes. Sadly, I spread myself too thinly over too many sports and once again missed the cut for either of these events. The Olympics didn't want me either, saying that all the tickets I wanted had gone. Really? Other people were prepared to pay to watch grown men play ping pong? I seriously thought we were in with a chance on that one.

You will be delighted to hear that my prayer for healing worked on my ankle, I can now run over 5km with no pain at all in my ankle and a tincy bit of discomfort in my knee. As a consequence, I have now entered a triathlon in September with a 10k run, so something to work up towards again. Wahoo! I have really enjoyed a couple of runs lately, knowing I can do it again. I did a lovely sunny evening bike ride to the north of Winchester on Thursday night, the girls were at Brownies at the planetarium getting their stargazer badges. I hardly saw another car, and no other cyclists, and after a long haul up the A272 towards Petersfield, I cut off down through Rodfield and across the A31 to meander along with the river Itchen. Glorious.

My Friday night and Saturday were spent in an Anglican church, in Bitterne Park, enjoying the brilliant teaching and ministry of Lin Button and her team. You have to go see her! Superb stuff, really simply presented quite complex issues of the human condition. Got a lot out of it.