Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Warmth and belonging plus gelatine buns

After the wasteland, tundra existence we were suddenly transported to tropical climes when the gas engineer came and fitted the part to the boiler. Without a care, coats were cast into the cupboard and normal garb was resumed. It were right good. And for a very reasonable price of just £54.  Talking reasonable, R has found a new garage to pal up with, called Hutfields of Botley. He likes making new garage friends.  I think they are most reasonable, and the Volvo has been there today for new brakes, after new tyres last week, it will be feeling spoilt. 

I had a significant spiritual experience on Sunday as I joined a new religious order. I know it sounds like a band from the 80s, it is actually Hopeweavers, where I have been spending many a quiet day (some people think that me and a quiet day is a paradox) for the last 6 or so years. I love going there and the ethos and it seemed quite a straightforward decision to write my rule of life and try to abide by it, so I went along to be sworn in on Sunday at St Luke's in Hedge End. the bishop came and seemed overjoyed with the whole thing, and it was really moving to stand up and declare my allegiance and oath of fealty etc. I very nearly cried.

In fat club news, since getting to my target (again) I have been weighed weekly, not always at my regular class, sometimes I have had to dot around to other classes to fit in with crazy work schedule. Anyhow, this week, I stayed for a bit at the late version of my normal class. Well, I lost 0.5lb but am over my target zone so had to pay. The stand in compere asked me what I needed help with and I said biscuits. She suggested I try fat and sugar free rich tea. There can not be anything left in a rich tea apart from flour. So, in effect, a kind of dried mouthful of flour seems to be suggested fare.  Have not tracked them down (they sell them in Veals) and am not planning on doing so anytime soon.

Reading - I have been reading about my Antarctic hero, Tom Crean, again, in the book about him, Unlikely hero. I am utterly besotted with him. He escaped from so many icy disasters whilst looking after puppies and saving the lives of all around him, I really find it hard to believe no one has made a film about him.  I am now reading Auggie and me, a follow on book from Wonder, which is an amazing children's book which everyone should read, possibly starting with Donald 'Trump'. Such a good surname. Wonder is about a boy with a facial abnormality. How he is treated at school. How bullies bully him and friends stick up for him. How he is a friend. It is a top read and I recommend it utterly to you all. Along with Tom Crean the hero of the ice.

A has to put a gelatine bun in her hair on Sunday - can't wait for the putrid fat smell of hot gelatine as we smear it on to her glistening hair. The things people do for sport! I don't know why synchro swimmers can't wear swim hats for convenience, instead of dripping pig fat over their heads. We are looking forward to seeing a spectacle in the water, and I believe at least one granny is attending which is great - who knows, they might be inspired to take up the hot dripping sport for themselves!