Sunday, 24 April 2016


Friday was an exciting day for many reasons, with reason to celebrate. One thing that happened at about 8.45pm when the day was nearly over and I didn't think it could get any better was my contribution to the apprehending of a shoplifter in Tescos. Idling by the tills, whilst my family hunted for bison and boar, I noticed a lady with a large and unusually highly situated pregnancy bump. She would have been carry triplets for sure. She was walking very fast towards the exit, whilst also carrying a large bag. Pregnant women do not walk like that.  I told the man on the tills about her and he rushed after her, and outside the store he managed to retrieve a variety of items from her. I have no idea what happened next except that the young man came and found us as we were leaving and suggested I head back to the wine aisle and choose a bottle on them to say thankyou.  Wahoo! OK then, if I must! Well done Tesco.  We finished the evening with Prosecco, nachos and two episodes of Fawlty Towers. You don't often get a finer evening than that!

Today whilst walking in the fine neighbourhood within which I reside, I walked along a road where the neighbours had all clearly got together and decided to have a homage to IKEA and B and Q in their front gardens. I counted a computer desk, a microwave, two sofas and three arm chairs, a shed roof, a fridge  and a boat all carefully displayed in front gardens. It was quite a treat.  We have been adding to the ambience of the area ourselves lately (no boats at the moment) with lots of full garden refuse bags, as we are employing a local gent to try to make something decent of our sadly neglected garden. He is working hard on reducing the brambles, general weeds and so on, It is a huge task but he is dauntless.

In other news, I have done an immense amount of laundry this weekend, blessed by sunny and windy weather ( I know it would suggest sailing is the thing) I have washed and dried and even ironed almost every item made of fabric in the house. I took the duvet off Rob in bed to get going on washing it - which reminded me of the week I started Brownies aged 7.  I had to do a good turn every day, and decided on the Sunday I would change my mum and dad's bed. However, I started the job before they had got up.