Monday, 24 December 2012

Christ alive in Bookham, Bounce 10 000 hours

As usual, I am amazed by the popularity of Jesus in Surrey. We visited the church of St Nicolas in Bookham, and it was in one door, out the other, into a church heaving with humanity. They have four services this afternoon. H was disappointed to not be at the usual Christingle at Holy Trinity Clayage (HTC) and get the orange, so she and R have just shot off up the road to make the last of the 3 services for the day at HTC. It seems that the wealthy bankers of Surrey and their associates have plenty of space in their lives on Christmas eve for the ridiculous story of a teenage couple with nowhere to stay, the birth in a barn and the obscure guests at the baby shower. I wonder how good we are at opening our doors to real pregnant teenagers with nowhere to live today? I attended HTC for a holy communion yesterday, was a peaceful contemporary service that was easy to use as a time to reflect.

Our time with mum and dad has so far involved lots of laughter and playing cards. I have brought nothing with me to do, no work, not even a book to read, although I notice R has brought 'The Element' which I started and then he swiped. As well as Bounce I am reading Bear Grylls' autobiography. Bounce suggests that if you do anything for 10 000 hours over 10 years you can be world class. Does reading count? I notice that I am feeling a bit bereft  without some work to do. If I do 3 hours a day of conscious practice at being an assisant head, for ten years, I should get to world class, according to Bounce by Syed.

 R and I had another go at sailing on Sunday. Every hour we put in we are getting worse, I am sure. We came in a dismal second to last, miles behind the other Darts. We were in a good place at the start, and then R very nicely let someone young do something they should not have done, and from then on we were in their wake and everyone else's. He is extremely nice and always tries not to steal other people's wind, etc etc. We had quite an enjoyable time despite being really really bad. I can understand his niceness, and it tempers my competitiveness, and we end up nearly last. I am sure there is a bible verse in there somewhere - the meek shall inherit the earth - and the competitive shall come last, despite wanting to come first.

Saturday was the Tri club parent and kid swimming gala. R gallantly took part, beating H in the one length free style, and being anchorman for the parents in the parents vs kids relays. I was very impressed with his butterfly! I had no idea he could do it with such style. You could tell he has swum in his youth. H is thinking about taking up swimming seriously, we have told her about the early mornings, 5 days a week, and how she would have to give up other things. It is a huge commitment of time and money, if she wants to do it we will support her, however I am hoping she will settle for being a triathlete, much more sociable hours and less training commitment at the club. And time for other pasttimes and sports.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Olympics secret of eternal youth

Have a new best mate. A mum who came in to see me could not believe I had children, she said I did not look old enough! she then followed it up with a comment that she thought I was just out of college. Oh happy day. This week I have been to two senior school carol concerts. one two many, but both lovely.  And tomorrow is the end of a very long term. Am writing this as do not have the mental energy to do school work that needs doing. managed some ironing . Am reading Bounce by Matt Syed. And heaps of other books including Leadership with moral purpose. which is a kind of step by step guide to being a brilliant head teacher. I realised, dear reader, how neglected you have been but think you will understand that Olympic hopefuls spend time training, not writing. And people like me, learning on a curve close to vertical, not sleeping enough and frankly, not putting in the hours. To become world class as a sailor. Rob is building the boat that has been on the drive all summer, it has a mast now. We are selling a boat to pay for skiing habit. And buying new better hulls for the boat we are keeping as the ones we have are held together with gaffer tape.  R and I sailed together for first time in ages and only 4 boats out meant it was boring. Despite the crazy weather,  which meant it was crazy, not having much competition made it dull. I felt awful afterwards. How could I find sailing in force 5 6 dull. As a crew you look out for other boats. Without any I nearly nodded off on the beats. Rob is determined that the new renovated dinghy is going to be ready for Jan 1 racing. Then I am hanging up my rubber boots for the winter and starting ballroom dancing.