Saturday, 30 December 2006

Today I passed a Cannon Hygiene Van and noticed it sports a royal coat of arms on the driver door, with the message underneath ' providers of sanitary services to the queen'. I like observing these royal stamps of approval on everyday items, the queen mother STILL eats weetabix, from beyond the grave, that's how good it is. Has she tried the new Oatibix? And did you know that the queen uses Addis dustpans, brushes and little steps to reach items in her cupboards? I wonder whether the royal palaces have those 'sanitary bins' in each WC in each palace, and whether the van driver of the van I saw is the sole servicer of these items, or whether all the vans get the crest, not just the one who does the royal palaces. Or, in fact, whether the ladies in waiting only have one cubicle with effective service provision in each palace?


Tuesday, 26 December 2006

We found the Meon Valley railway line walk today and used its levelness for H to try out her bigger bike ( a tip special ) and for A to try out her bike, which needs more than one adult and lots of patience. We intend to go back and do more of the route which was recommended to us by Josh and Libby, I believe. Thankyou.

Can not bear to inflict cracker jokes on you all, and assume you have heard too many of your own. Wonder how you get a job writing them though? A few people I know would do a great job. I have a new mobile phone. It is very smart and does everything you need and more. It cleans your shoes and teeth. I went to the 'help' section but did not understand any of the words in it. I went to 'help' because I did not understand any of the other words on the screen. I found a tutorial which was good, it showed me what I am missing, like if you go for a run, you can hit your mobile phone at the end and it tells you how far you have run, how fast, how many beats per second your heart was doing, whether you should be dead and that running is a stupid idea in the first place. And it does all of that OUT LOUD with the voice of a lady called Ellen. Cool eh?

For a Christmas present for my pa, R and I typed up some of his notes and his family tree, and I enjoy doing this as there is so much inside my dad's brain, and somehow I love feeling rooted in the past with all those names and places, somehow I belong there. Lots of his family members lived around where he lives now, and has done for the past 60 years. I love going home because it is a real home, where my dad came as a toddler and before him, his aunt and uncle and 2 cousins lived there. So, since the house was built just before the second world war, it has pretty much been lived in by my dad with his parents, and then with my mum and me and my brother, and I belong. My dad's mum is ther person I am most quickly associated with in the family, and sometimes it seems to me for my negative qualities - bossiness, talkativeness, impatience. So it is good for me to hear some good stuff about her and her family history and see myself in a better light from this angle of history. Where would the world be without bossy, impatient and talkative women? Someone had to be the one to tell the cavemen to pull themselves together and get down to Aldi's deep freeze section instead of wandering around the forest trapping rabbits.

Aldi has been a big hit this Christmas. Everything nice we have eaten or drunk, Rob's mum asks where it is from and the answer is always Aldi. Yes, I know; it means being unfaithful to Bitterne Precinct, but I trust you will allow me a few small manoueveres further afield. In the spirit of Christmas.

I have been reading Luke 1 and 2 over and over again as some way into understanding more about Mary and how that might help me understand myself better. It is amazing, when you read it from her point of view - she had angels and prophets talking to her and she was so much of an underdog, a poor, young, woman, with a dubious story about her pregnancy being from God... it shows me that God really can do anything with anyone. Even me.

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Aladdin at Ferneham Hall in Fareham. It can not be beaten as panto goes, what a great afternoon. Keith Harris and Orville are always going to be a winning combination at panto, and all the sing a longs, jokes, slapstick, dancing, love story, booing and 'oh no he isn't' - hey - some of you might think I am joking but those who know me well know that OH NO I'M NOT! I loved it , the horde of kids we went with all loved it and R said it was even better than last year. The good over evil triumphs in the end storyline gets in everywhere, and panto brings together so many aspects of life in a positive way. I still would love to be in a panto, nearly managed a chorus part in Lou's panto ( she is Aladdin) but was out on the crucial night of auditions/ arm twisting.

I swam at BLC this morning, nice to see the morning gang still going strong and to catch up with B, who I see at Pilates each week but first met in the changing rooms. In the spring we went to Furzey together and she is a joy giving person to see first thing in the morning. Yoga on Monday night was good, I worked hard and am pleased with my progress. MUST get R to take some photos for you.

Apart from exercise and pantomime, I have been thinking some about Mary, the mother of Jesus as a way into Christmas. I taught a godly play style story on the nativity at school which went down suprisingly well considering it was their first attempt and only their second day with me as their new teacher. Being in school for the last 2 days of term was fun, a good way to get to know my class in a relaxed setting. Spent some time yesterday with Andrea and Matty, friend from Winchester who R used to work with and her son who is a bit younger than H. We went to Itchy Valley and ran around trying to keep warm. A and I had a hopping race, closely monitored by H and Matty and some of the other park users. A is a soul friend who I feel looks into my heart and knows me, even tho we don't get to see each other much. She shares my passion for Aldi food and charity shop trophy hunting, we are planning a day out in Eastleigh to pick up the post sales bargains together before too long. Hey! Have never told you how good Eastleigh is. Will remedy that... it is like Bitterne but bigger and better. Has a Pound Land, which is a close second to Wilkinsons in my favourite shop top ten of all time. Fareham is like Eastleigh but bigger and better. It has Wilkinsons and Pound Land. I need to go and lie down, getting giddy with the excitement of Fareham.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

On my blogger dashboard it says you can do team blogs. I am all for team sports that don't involve falling over, so if any Bitterne enthusiasts out there want to join in, get in touch. Only a quick trip to 'Total Workout' with Fran at BLC today. A bit of the old kickboxing, some sit ups, press ups, lunges, it was good for me. And would be good for you too, possibly as a pre morris dancing limber up? I noticed today at a pub that they have a Morris side doing a Mummers Play there soon. Now, I read 'Return of the Native' by Hardy for my A level English, and that involved a mummers play. I have never seen one. I think Morris dancers are getting a bit above themselves if they think they are good enough at dancing to branch out into acting. They need to practise dancing in time with the music and with each other first.

H has a CD of Christmas music and one tune is about wassailing. I suggested that a modern day translation would be 'carol singing' but know I could be horribly inaccurate and would appreciate any comments from anyone who can correct me. It sound like the kind of thing mummers would do.

Conversation between 2 morris men:

- What do you do in your spare time?

- I mummer and wassail.


Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Today I went to a splendid house near Overton, which is near to Basingstoke but probably wants to keep that quiet. I was there to meet my spiritual director, for a direction. Then I went for a windy, windy walk - very blowy, not very many corners to turn. I was interested to see the chalkiness of the soil around there, and the use of land for sheep grazing. They are organic sheep. The home I was blessed by was one of a network of 'Quiet Gardens', although this particular one lets you come in the house and sit by their fire in the winter. It was a fabulous home with Aga and chaise longue and ticket stubs to Polo on the kitchen notice board. Very pleasant hosts and such a wonderful idea to open your garden and home for quiet. I don't think it is a ministry I will be taking part in somehow. I went with a very busy mind and left with a quiet mind, so guess it works. There is a website called Quiet Gardens or something inaginative if you need one.

I mentioned my spiritual director. It sounds very grand, doesn't it? Like she tells me what to do and I do it! Ha! We have met three times now and it is good for me to have someone outside of my friendship and family circle who is trained and experienced in listening and is wise and has a different world view to me. She makes some suggestions for areas of prayer and disciplines I might want to consider to help me in making the changes I have said I want to make. Ang calls her my 'life coach' but that sounds a bit intense too. ' OK Kay, today you are going to do 300 sit ups before breakfast, feed the hungry, house the homeless and then stop for a fair trade cup of tea'. That should take you to 11.15 am. Head to the UN, find cure for HIV, etc etc - like I need a life coach!

Overton is not like Bitterne. It has a deli, a gun shop and a wedding dress shop. Clearly the people of Overton do more eating, shooting and wedding, and less bowling, house buying and Iceland shopping. They don't know what they are missing.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Bitterne is always the best place to start. I did not wish to mislead the public into thinking I was robbing Barclays Bank. Only of biros, and even that I resisted. Nicky is the treasurer of our toddler group and needed my paw print on a cheque, hence a good excuse to visit the precinct. I did legit business in Bitterne on Thursday, when I was looking for some A5 envelopes ( could not find them, thanks to Lorna who went back later that day for a good rummage and produced the goods). Ideally I wanted them with 'Lloyds TSB' emblazoned on the front, as I am keen to start a 'Catch me if you can' kinda thing going in Bitterne, where there are many banks and building societies waiting for a scam. I nearly purchased some trousers in Barnados. However, the ladies at the till were too slow EVEN FOR ME, and I gave up as we did have a painted wall to watch dry. Superdrug were once again the chemist of choice, will happily accept sponsorship on my blog from the Bitterne branch. A checked in at the creche I did a good few lengths swimming in the finest pool this side of Harefield. A select bunch of die hard enthusiasts in December, so none of that bumping into people and instead I could use the time to pray and be and think. One gentleman did engage me in conversation but I just waved my butterfly arms at him, put on my nose clip and trouser clips and headed for the deep end. I did cycle all the way to and from Bitterne on that day, btw. With a 3 year old on the back of my bike, which adds to the challenge coming up that hill.

Another shopping excursion took me to Macro. What a fine emporium that is. It is so vast you can not see one end from the other ( I guess a bit like Australia) and there is a cafe in the middle, presumably for people who have lost the will to live and can't find the way out. Having said that, I did not sample the beverages as was on a tight schedule, so it might be the next best place for posh coffee. Will try again.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

There is a sign in Bitterne Post Office which says:

'Customers who require assistance should ask for help.'

I do not make these things up. And there was me, tap dancing, playing the alpine horn and blowing my nose loudly, thinking that was what it took. But not in Bitterne! They had thought ahead with that sign. Spent a good half hour in Barclays Bank, waiting for a friend who forgot me. They have good toys and free pens, if you are in Bitterne and need either. I popped into the irresistable Scoops of Bitterne, an Aladdin's cave of tat. Nothing to interest me today, usually I can spend most of R's salary in there in one go. It is worth a look next time you are there.

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

This is the Scrabble board I wanted to show you. There were some dubious words, like 'ZIT' and 'SATAN' - not sure if that is a name, and if you are allowed names. We were very pleased with the board filling achieved on this one. You will remember this is the one that I WON. You will notice R's unplaced Q in the bottom right. Tsk.

Monday, 27 November 2006

Just yoga tonight at Bitterne. Leisure Centre, not in the open air. Really good as ever. Wish I could take photos to show you some of my balances. We did OMing tonight as well. The instructor, Sandra, must be in the British Yoga Wheel's top 10 instructors.

It would certainly be a challenge to take photos of my own balances, so maybe some of the other members of the class would stand still for me.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Cobham. Oh how different from my Bitterne. I spent a couple of days in Claygate, Surrey, with my parents, staying in their home, where my dad has lived since 1945. Claygate has gone downhill as a centre for purchasing, unless you want to buy a BIG house ( or even a small one for BIG money) or art, or a wedding dress, or a thai meal. We did have good chips from the chip shop, and ate in, which is something of a Bitternesque thing to do, complete with plastic tablecloths.

It rained a lot and we took shelter in a bus shelter en route to my primary school fair. There was a big puddle by the bus stop and in the time we were there ( long enough for girls to eat choc brownie each) some cars splashed past. And, this is TRUE, half of them were Mercedes. I don't think Bitterne has ever seen a Merc.

We went to Cobham for their turning on the Christmas lights event on Friday. Now, if you think Claygate sounds posh, wait till you get to Cobham. It is the home of the American Community School, and hence the american community. It is also the home of Chelsea FC training grounds, and hence Chelsea FC. Here, you need a BIG mortgage just to buy a shed at B and Q and a BIG car to be allowed in to B and Q in the first place.

My dad's family come from Cobham, Oxshott and Downside for centuries, and so he is a local lad and provides an interesting slant on the place. Wandering around the village in the dark, with crowds of Americans, and my dad acting as an honorary blue badge guide and pointing out where the school used to be, the oldest cottage in Cobham, the garage where a vicar committed suicide and other tourist hotspots made for a surreal evening. In fact, he should catch on to a business opportunity and start up Ye Olde Cobham ghoste walkes and that kind of tourist thing to a literally captive audience.

It was good to get home. It is lovely to be there and see family, but as H put it when we got back to church on Sun am ' I have missed being here'. When I drive down my road towards my house when I have been away I always get that excited feeling that I want to be here more than anywhere else. Maybe that is what home is all about?

Not much progress on the morris side to report. Keith plays the accordian so could be a long distance member of the group, as he lives near Scotland, and is in fact Scottish. He could play by satellite or something. I am guessing that playing the accordian is something that is done by Scottish people as a matter of routine, and that no one would bat an eyelid if he walked through Alnwick with badly fitting white clothes and jingly bells on his legs.

When H was born and I stayed in hospital 2 nights, there was a new dad on the ward who wore long flowing white clothes. At the time Rob and I thought it slightly odd, and not very practical, come to that, with new born poo, beige seems the best colour choice. Anyway, now I see the link and guess that he was a Scot, and this in usual attire. All makes sense now. Perhaps he left his accordian downstairs so it wouldn't interfere with the equipment in hospitals that the signs say get freaked out by mobile phones.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Did the eastern Bitterne circuit today, Bitterne Health Centre, Lloyds Chemist and Bitterne Leisure Centre. Met an older lady who I used to see every week or so and chat to at swimming, really glad to see her and she asked me to remember her in my prayers as she is now very ill ( hence visit to Doctors, and not swimming). I wanted to ask to pray for her right then, so I did, and we had a good chat and hopefully I was a positive person for her today.

The gym TVs were showing fantastic options, including a step by step beginners guide to Morris Dancing. It showed men doing the dances in situ ( outside pubs) and then doing it again in a dance studio, slowly, presumably to give the rest of us mortals a chance to join in. I reckon that men get to join Morris Sides by being so drunk that they can't run when someone comes round the pub recruiting. The skill level is only set so high that an intoxicated, portly chap of older years can struggle through a few moves without fear of a heart attack. But, on this instructional video (why were they showing it at the gym?) there seemed to be more than the usual token youngster. ( You know, there's always one chap of about 45 who is skinny and does it because his dad does it too and its in the family). So I can only assume they had combed the whole of England to find the fittest and most adept Morris men to show off on this particular vid.

Several times I have encouraged Rob to start a Thornhill Morris Side, in the spirit of community development. Living as we do in a New Deal area, I reckon he could get a grant for upward of £10k to buy accordians, bells, badly fitting white shirts and trousers and sticks to bang. Probably could wangle another £10k for beer allowances and a papier mache horses head. Then all he would need to do would be to find 7 or so inebriated locals and they are onto a winner!

For some strange reason, he is not interested. So, if you are reading Mark, Dunc and Alan, why not give it a go? Just call R up and ask him!

NOT that I would count any of you dear friends as portly, old or drunk. You would come into the category of skinny young blokes showing off.

Maybe you could perform at my inaugral Bitterne Precinct Festival of World Dance?

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Convincing win yesterday. I have taken a photo of the board to put on here when I learn how to do that. R's hair cut went extremely well, Rachel did a better job than usual 'stylist', and her tutor gave the praise ' you did as well as you could possibly be expected to do in the circumstances' which I would not know how to take, personally. Have not taken a hair cut photo as you can imagine what R looks like with slightly shorter hair.

No trips out today. Had more thinking time than usual, combined with baking cakes for school cake sale, playing A's made up games with balloons and string. Have regular trip to BLC tomorrow, although as been a bit achey and snotty and grim I will skip Body Combat and just pop into the gym and wander around looking at the pictures of skeletons stretching and hope it helps. Am doing a double combo Bitterne trip as need to pick up a prescription from the Doc. Did I not tell you that the Dr is in Bitterne too? Yep! It gets better and better! I have yet to meet our GP, we were swapped from our old one to a new one because our surname begins with B. Seems a bit unreasonable of him, maybe he had people in the B section who were pains in the B so decided to get rid of the lot of us. He always asked me if I smoked, and I always said no. Now I wonder if I had said yes, would he have opened up a drawer of duty free tobacco and asked me to inhale?


Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Cluedo has been suggested as an alternative game. I remember it being dull, dull, dull, but maybe that was the people I played it with. Will give it a go if anyone wants to invite me round for a Cluedo night. But, hey, what about Ludo? That deserves a comeback. Yahtzee, now that was exciting, those 5 dice rumbling around in that black plastic bin. Maybe I should try a casino, or possibly venture past the 2p slider machines next time we go to Haven. If you have never been to Haven, I can wholeheartedly recommend it as the holiday destination of all discerning Bitternites. This Spring we are going to a rival to Haven, called Rockley Park, in Poole. If anyone has been there and wants to comment, please do. Should I stock up on 2ps or not bother?

Did not make it into Bitterne today, sadly. I did try to 'shop local' as Friends of the Earth would wish me to. Our Coop is very good for most things you need from a Coop ( milk, bread, chocolate, washing up liquid), but I tried to buy some Christmas presents in Thornhill Parade. If you have never been you are missing a treat. It was very easy to buy Christmas presents for your pets, but harder for your children. And I don't have any pets. We are thinking about getting a goldfish, but only at the thinking stage. In fact, that is the first Rob knew about that, so good thing its a goldfish and not a python. Anyway, I did try to purchase in Thornhill, and am taking girls there to get their hair cut. But there is not much to actually buy. I bought some very ripe bananas and some rice cracker mix, spending £1.82. I had to use a £20 note to pay, which I rarely see so don't know what it was doing in my purse. The till wasn't up to such a drain and I had to take my change in 50ps and 20ps.

Sometimes real bloggers tell you about books they are reading. I am reading The Wizard of Oz and a book about cups of tea and biscuits, and a book about teaching called 'Getting the Bu****s to behave'. Not really sure what those choices tell you about me, but expect you are rummaging through the yellow pages looking for a unit that would be able to take me at short notice.

Just noticed that I have made it sound like ALL Thornhill precinct sells is novelty pet Christmas presents, rice crackers and ripe bananas. That is not the case. You can buy mops and WD40 as well. And there is a betting shop, which I may just try out.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Have had bad scrabble and Bitterne experiences this weekend. Have taken this long to get to a place where I can begin to share my pain. So please bare (sic) with me: ( i have always wanted to write (sic) after a deliberate spelling mistake. I have noticed that people tend to use 'bare' in this context when I think, or hope, they don't mean it.)

First, Scrabble. R beat me by 17 points, which is far too many. That was on Friday, and have not been able to look at a Scrabble board since, not even Junior version, which seems nothing like the real version. Kinder eggs. There is another Junior thing, which, frankly, I wish I had invented and not left to Mr Kinder. It is a rubbish toy, encased in air and brown solid resembling chocolate. It is the purchase of choice for both H and A, and I assume that they are not uniquely attracted to these items. So, if there are lots of children, kinder, enfants and what have you all over the globe like them, then Mr Kinder must have a lot of Oompah Loompahs working very hard.

Onto better things. Bitterne. Normally a subject of great joy, but I have to report two dismal failings I have found. Yes, even I, passionate fan of Bitterne, can see that the streets are not all paved with gold. Firstly, we went swimming there on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. One quite good thing is that only R has to pay to get in ( he opens the fire escape for the rest of the family). 2pm. Saturday. Now I am not Mr Britas, but Saturday afternoons strike me as being potentially good swimming times for many of the Bitterne populace with young family in toe (sic). Who can think of anything better than dodging plasters and veruccae in a tepid bath of urine? Well, I can, and Bitterne is a far cry from such a dismal scene. But, and this is the bad bit, it shuts at 3pm! OK, so an hour is more than enough, but some people don't get up as early as me ( 10.40am that day, since you ask) and I could have luxuriated in the jacuzzi another hour or so, no problems.

So, if you can picture the scene, we leave the delights of BLC behind us and head up hill and north east, to the library. While away a happy half hour browsing, until we hear those words we should have expected ' the library closes in 5 minutes'. At 4pm. Now, clearly I am the only peerson in the whole eastern side of Southampton who is not up with the lark on a Saturday morning, and everyone else has done 40 lengths, changed their library books and been bowling before 10am. Or am I missing something here? Feel horribly let down and was looking forward to telling you about my happy afternoon in my precious Bitterne.

Today I spent some time in the healing environment of Furzey Gardens with R H and A. It really is good for the soul to be there. We let A go off on a path on her own, only a tinsy bit away from us, and then saw a new sign which said 'DANGER area closed'. Never seen such a sign there before, never let A of the lead before, R managed a successful rescue and all lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Rob got severe migraine and therefore I won scrabble. It was one of those situations where to be kind to him, I didn't ask him to play ( he has 2 blankets over his head and his tea is cold in the oven), so I played his goes for him and I won! Suprising, as I was expecting another draw.

All a bit much today, wasn't it? I needed to lie down with 2 blankets over my head by 6pm, or lie 2 girls down with blankets over theirs. Managed neither, did the dreaded nit hunt again (nil points on that one) and collapsed. Intend to head to Coop shortly, to buy milk and chocolate.

Notable first today - first attendance at 'Body Combat' at Bitterne Leisure Centre. It was boxing training, kicking and punching, perfect antidote to yoga. Loved it! Very sweaty business, combat. Will be looking for people to practise my moves on so don't meet me between here and the Coop tonight. Smell will warn you I am within striking distance, like a vicious wild cat looking for its prey, that's me. I have booked in to attend next week, see you there?

Returned a chainsaw to its owner tonight, thanks R for the loan. I will not, therefore, be wielding a chainsaw in a dramatic fashion as I head down to the Coop tonight, which would have been an exciting option to improve my kickboxing speeds. Or your running speed.

Good night everyone.


Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Scrabble draw again. How amazing is that... can hardly wait for tomorrow! Am planning a trip to Bitterne tomorrow, so you will have an exciting read tomorrow night.

Today I gave an elderly neighbour a lift to Bitterne. She was travelling through to get her hair done in West End, but she said she was stopping in Mays Munchies (no problem with the mention, May) on the way back for lunch. I know, I know, it is a proxy visit, but I hope it counts. If anyone is counting, I think I have only missed two days without visiting the hallowed shrine.

Rachel, the finder of the diary, is cutting R's hair next week, she will be on week 3 of her home hair cutting course at evening classes. I made it sound better than it was, well, made Rachel sound more competent than she is, to persuade Rob to give it a go. Frankly, her family are crying out for her to go on this course and get on with cutting their hair. The course was cancelled in the spring term, and she hasn't let them cut their hair since as she needs lots of material to work with. Will let you know what R's barnet looks like when she had finished. Hey, could even try a photo...

I worked today, but I sincerely consider it pure joy to be in the classroom. Seriously, I do, most of the time. I got to teach dance which is my favourite subject, well, along with maths, art, handwriting, drama and apparatus PE. I love teaching dance. Sure I don't do it very well, but they have a great time and so do I, and I get paid for the priveledge of being there. Don't you feel like you are getting to know me better by reading this? You would not have known that I love teaching dance, would you?

Maybe there is a possibility of teaching dance to the population of Bitterne in the precinct itself, as a community art project.


Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Scrabble result tonight was a draw. But R looked up and found that we had both used illegal words so that might have affected the outcome. Still, a draw makes everyone a winner doesn't it?

I have not won any competitions lately. I will try harder. I entered one to get a style makeover with Atomic Kitten or some similar. Frankly, I think I have things to teach them about style. Stil, closing date for that one not gone by yet so live in hope. I had my hair coloured red today. Not very red, but a bit red. Not ketchup, more oak table red.

Bitterne. Yoga at the Leisure Centre last night. I love it. I like balancing and stretching and lying down in the dark relaxing. I showed R one of my poses and he was genuinely impressed. I have also shown several other friends and passers by. H went to Bitterne WITHOUT ME yesterday. I worked teaching all day - I was shattered by 2pm - and she was taken to Iceland in Bitterne to choose tea with the lovely Rodgers family. Pizza and baked beans. We had a lodger once who ate cabbage, rice and baked beans for dinner 4 nights of the week and said it was a nutritionally complete meal. Which shows that nutritionists must moonlight for some air freshener company.

Woolston. That's where I shopped today. Branching out, I know, but it has a large Coop store and there are many good reasons to shop with the Coop which I will not go into here. You can call me if you want to know them. H had a day off school due to a power cut, again, which also affected our house. I lit a fire and we took cups of tea to the workmen - builders, as H calls them. She loved running up and down the road taking them biscuits and sugar. Does that last sentence sound like we are living in the 1930s? In fact, the whole paragraph does. Tally ho!

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Stranger than fiction - I think that was the name of a new film I would like to see. It is also the case with my blog. You couldn't make this stuff up, could you? Hey, I know you are desperate to hear about Bitterne, so here goes.

Tonight we had a chinese takeaway from The Happy Garden o n T Park Rd. Very good. Not quite Bitterne Village, I know, but in the vicinity to count as an excursion. Made a new friend (well, she might not think so) in the chip shop by asking the lady in front what road she lived on, and what number. Quickly went round and broke in while she waiting for her fish to cook. No no no! She lives next door to a friend so we had something to talk about and she didn't show obvious signs of thinking I was a weirdo.

Friday, I snuck in a sneaky trip to Bitterne to exchange something and buy H some trainers. Glitz is the shop for cheap, sparkly trainers, what every girl needs. They also sell belly button piercing jewellery but I had no need of that. Just mention it in case you are in Bitterne desperate for a new navel bar. Once again I frequented Barnados - think I should get frequent flyer points or whatever the equivalent is for going to charity shops. Hope they appreciate all the free advertising they get here. I expect queues round the block on Monday.

Today was our women's quiet day (yes, heard all the jokes) in the New Forest. I had 2 sleeps and hung out with God in a treehouse. It was great. Felt and heard the tree creaking in the wind and felt God in the creaks.

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Hi. Guess I have got quite a following judging by the number of comments left. There is a thing on here which you turn on to prevent unwanted comments. Hey! all gratefully received.

Someone I met today ( young man, plumbing apprentice) told me people do blogs to make new friends. Frankly, I don't mind if you want to read this but I am not looking for extra friends. (especially not ones who might be reading this - members of the Bitterne fan club, perhaps). I love the ones I have and want to make it easier for them to keep up to date with my trips to Bitterne, so they know what they are missing by zooming past it in their cars rather than stopping to enjoy its olde world charms.

Today we went to Bitterne by bus (am i boring you yet?). A wasn't sure whether bus driver was male or female. Interesting conversation to be had when A is 3, not within ear shot of driver.

Anyway, enough of the journey! I can tell you that one part of Bitterne not to bother with is the public toilets, in case you were going to make a special journey. The ladies in Superdrug pharmacy are much more friendly than in another chemist in Bitterne (want to avoid libel). Successful purchases today included a nit comb, tights, cough mixture and Quorn burgers. Mix them all up and cook at 180 degrees for 20 mins for a fine vegetarian alternative to faggots. Hope I can say that without getting blocked by your anti bad things screening device.

We went to Bitterne Leisure Centre 'the heart of the community' in my opinion. Hours of fun with a bouncy castle and a locker that flashes when you lock it. Well, about one hour of fun. Met a friend and she had a friend with her who I USED TO TEACH. How bad is that? I feel so ancient now. However, nothing Radox can't solve. But I don't have any of that. Yet.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go to Thornhill Park Road shops to buy some door mats. Will let you know how things go as soon as humanly possible.

Bless you all.

Good night. kx

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Wednesday evening.

Have found my diary. I guess you didn't know I had lost it, but I had, and a friend found it under my sofa.


Tuesday, 7 November 2006

My day... highlights included a bargain buy of top, skirt and jacket from Barnado's charity shop in Bitterne. You can't beat Bitterne precinct. It has to be the top shopping experience in the UK, if not the world. It has EVERYTHING you need, like 3 holiday shops, 7 or 8 estate agents and 4 or 5 banks. Not much room left for anything else you might think - but No! A health food shop, a bowling complex, 3 cafes (tried May's Munchies for first time today - great!). I think I should be awarded the job of tourism manager for Bitterne. Can't imagine that it pays much, but I like challenges.

The reason I was buying clothes is because I am starting a new job after Christmas, I will be teaching 2 days a week from Jan to April. Year 3. Cool eh? I can't wear jeans to be a teacher so thought I would invest in some 'smart' clothes. So with that and working for Southampton Vineyard Church I will be shifting over the border from 'stay at home mum who works a bit' to 'mum who works more days than she stays at home'. Although I have never felt easy with the stay at home mum tag, as I am hardly ever in. So I have always been a going out mum, now I guess I will be a 'going out to work and for fun mum'.

Interesting the labels we wear and why. Mine mainly say 'Barnados' right now.

I do worry when buying charity shop purchases that someone may have died in them. How would I know? Maybe if they had been buried in them there would be tell tale signs - worm holes, singed edges possibly?


Monday, 6 November 2006

Hello, Kay here!