Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Scrabble result tonight was a draw. But R looked up and found that we had both used illegal words so that might have affected the outcome. Still, a draw makes everyone a winner doesn't it?

I have not won any competitions lately. I will try harder. I entered one to get a style makeover with Atomic Kitten or some similar. Frankly, I think I have things to teach them about style. Stil, closing date for that one not gone by yet so live in hope. I had my hair coloured red today. Not very red, but a bit red. Not ketchup, more oak table red.

Bitterne. Yoga at the Leisure Centre last night. I love it. I like balancing and stretching and lying down in the dark relaxing. I showed R one of my poses and he was genuinely impressed. I have also shown several other friends and passers by. H went to Bitterne WITHOUT ME yesterday. I worked teaching all day - I was shattered by 2pm - and she was taken to Iceland in Bitterne to choose tea with the lovely Rodgers family. Pizza and baked beans. We had a lodger once who ate cabbage, rice and baked beans for dinner 4 nights of the week and said it was a nutritionally complete meal. Which shows that nutritionists must moonlight for some air freshener company.

Woolston. That's where I shopped today. Branching out, I know, but it has a large Coop store and there are many good reasons to shop with the Coop which I will not go into here. You can call me if you want to know them. H had a day off school due to a power cut, again, which also affected our house. I lit a fire and we took cups of tea to the workmen - builders, as H calls them. She loved running up and down the road taking them biscuits and sugar. Does that last sentence sound like we are living in the 1930s? In fact, the whole paragraph does. Tally ho!

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