Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Cluedo has been suggested as an alternative game. I remember it being dull, dull, dull, but maybe that was the people I played it with. Will give it a go if anyone wants to invite me round for a Cluedo night. But, hey, what about Ludo? That deserves a comeback. Yahtzee, now that was exciting, those 5 dice rumbling around in that black plastic bin. Maybe I should try a casino, or possibly venture past the 2p slider machines next time we go to Haven. If you have never been to Haven, I can wholeheartedly recommend it as the holiday destination of all discerning Bitternites. This Spring we are going to a rival to Haven, called Rockley Park, in Poole. If anyone has been there and wants to comment, please do. Should I stock up on 2ps or not bother?

Did not make it into Bitterne today, sadly. I did try to 'shop local' as Friends of the Earth would wish me to. Our Coop is very good for most things you need from a Coop ( milk, bread, chocolate, washing up liquid), but I tried to buy some Christmas presents in Thornhill Parade. If you have never been you are missing a treat. It was very easy to buy Christmas presents for your pets, but harder for your children. And I don't have any pets. We are thinking about getting a goldfish, but only at the thinking stage. In fact, that is the first Rob knew about that, so good thing its a goldfish and not a python. Anyway, I did try to purchase in Thornhill, and am taking girls there to get their hair cut. But there is not much to actually buy. I bought some very ripe bananas and some rice cracker mix, spending £1.82. I had to use a £20 note to pay, which I rarely see so don't know what it was doing in my purse. The till wasn't up to such a drain and I had to take my change in 50ps and 20ps.

Sometimes real bloggers tell you about books they are reading. I am reading The Wizard of Oz and a book about cups of tea and biscuits, and a book about teaching called 'Getting the Bu****s to behave'. Not really sure what those choices tell you about me, but expect you are rummaging through the yellow pages looking for a unit that would be able to take me at short notice.

Just noticed that I have made it sound like ALL Thornhill precinct sells is novelty pet Christmas presents, rice crackers and ripe bananas. That is not the case. You can buy mops and WD40 as well. And there is a betting shop, which I may just try out.

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lou said...

hello, i highly recommend Haven as a spectatular destination, i do add a word of caution - do not recommend Haven to over indulged centre parks goers - they will be disapointed! If you are an average Jo looking for a great time in a caravan then this is the place for you!!!!!