Saturday, 11 November 2006

Stranger than fiction - I think that was the name of a new film I would like to see. It is also the case with my blog. You couldn't make this stuff up, could you? Hey, I know you are desperate to hear about Bitterne, so here goes.

Tonight we had a chinese takeaway from The Happy Garden o n T Park Rd. Very good. Not quite Bitterne Village, I know, but in the vicinity to count as an excursion. Made a new friend (well, she might not think so) in the chip shop by asking the lady in front what road she lived on, and what number. Quickly went round and broke in while she waiting for her fish to cook. No no no! She lives next door to a friend so we had something to talk about and she didn't show obvious signs of thinking I was a weirdo.

Friday, I snuck in a sneaky trip to Bitterne to exchange something and buy H some trainers. Glitz is the shop for cheap, sparkly trainers, what every girl needs. They also sell belly button piercing jewellery but I had no need of that. Just mention it in case you are in Bitterne desperate for a new navel bar. Once again I frequented Barnados - think I should get frequent flyer points or whatever the equivalent is for going to charity shops. Hope they appreciate all the free advertising they get here. I expect queues round the block on Monday.

Today was our women's quiet day (yes, heard all the jokes) in the New Forest. I had 2 sleeps and hung out with God in a treehouse. It was great. Felt and heard the tree creaking in the wind and felt God in the creaks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay.
Glad you had a good time at the retreat. What was it like hearing God in the creaks? Did he have anything interesting to say?
(Sorry it took so long to leave a comment, had to create an account to do so!!)
Love, Ang x

Kay said...

Hey! Sorry, meant to say more about the trees creaking. It was like being on a ship, as it was quite windy. Felt like just me in the crows nest of a big ship, peering down at the world, closer to god than to other life. I guess we need those experiences from time to time to keep our feet on the ground the rest of the time.