Thursday, 16 November 2006

Rob got severe migraine and therefore I won scrabble. It was one of those situations where to be kind to him, I didn't ask him to play ( he has 2 blankets over his head and his tea is cold in the oven), so I played his goes for him and I won! Suprising, as I was expecting another draw.

All a bit much today, wasn't it? I needed to lie down with 2 blankets over my head by 6pm, or lie 2 girls down with blankets over theirs. Managed neither, did the dreaded nit hunt again (nil points on that one) and collapsed. Intend to head to Coop shortly, to buy milk and chocolate.

Notable first today - first attendance at 'Body Combat' at Bitterne Leisure Centre. It was boxing training, kicking and punching, perfect antidote to yoga. Loved it! Very sweaty business, combat. Will be looking for people to practise my moves on so don't meet me between here and the Coop tonight. Smell will warn you I am within striking distance, like a vicious wild cat looking for its prey, that's me. I have booked in to attend next week, see you there?

Returned a chainsaw to its owner tonight, thanks R for the loan. I will not, therefore, be wielding a chainsaw in a dramatic fashion as I head down to the Coop tonight, which would have been an exciting option to improve my kickboxing speeds. Or your running speed.

Good night everyone.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
I notice you haven't written on here for a few days, I hope that you are ok! Bittern will no doubt suffer terribly if you become ill, in fact there might just be no Bittern left if you don't visit for a few days! So please, please, for the sake of Bittern precinct and all the people who rely on it for their living, I beg you, make Rob sleep on the sofa till he is better!!! (Luv ya Rob!)
Love, Ang.