Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Scrabble draw again. How amazing is that... can hardly wait for tomorrow! Am planning a trip to Bitterne tomorrow, so you will have an exciting read tomorrow night.

Today I gave an elderly neighbour a lift to Bitterne. She was travelling through to get her hair done in West End, but she said she was stopping in Mays Munchies (no problem with the mention, May) on the way back for lunch. I know, I know, it is a proxy visit, but I hope it counts. If anyone is counting, I think I have only missed two days without visiting the hallowed shrine.

Rachel, the finder of the diary, is cutting R's hair next week, she will be on week 3 of her home hair cutting course at evening classes. I made it sound better than it was, well, made Rachel sound more competent than she is, to persuade Rob to give it a go. Frankly, her family are crying out for her to go on this course and get on with cutting their hair. The course was cancelled in the spring term, and she hasn't let them cut their hair since as she needs lots of material to work with. Will let you know what R's barnet looks like when she had finished. Hey, could even try a photo...

I worked today, but I sincerely consider it pure joy to be in the classroom. Seriously, I do, most of the time. I got to teach dance which is my favourite subject, well, along with maths, art, handwriting, drama and apparatus PE. I love teaching dance. Sure I don't do it very well, but they have a great time and so do I, and I get paid for the priveledge of being there. Don't you feel like you are getting to know me better by reading this? You would not have known that I love teaching dance, would you?

Maybe there is a possibility of teaching dance to the population of Bitterne in the precinct itself, as a community art project.


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