Thursday, 21 December 2006

Aladdin at Ferneham Hall in Fareham. It can not be beaten as panto goes, what a great afternoon. Keith Harris and Orville are always going to be a winning combination at panto, and all the sing a longs, jokes, slapstick, dancing, love story, booing and 'oh no he isn't' - hey - some of you might think I am joking but those who know me well know that OH NO I'M NOT! I loved it , the horde of kids we went with all loved it and R said it was even better than last year. The good over evil triumphs in the end storyline gets in everywhere, and panto brings together so many aspects of life in a positive way. I still would love to be in a panto, nearly managed a chorus part in Lou's panto ( she is Aladdin) but was out on the crucial night of auditions/ arm twisting.

I swam at BLC this morning, nice to see the morning gang still going strong and to catch up with B, who I see at Pilates each week but first met in the changing rooms. In the spring we went to Furzey together and she is a joy giving person to see first thing in the morning. Yoga on Monday night was good, I worked hard and am pleased with my progress. MUST get R to take some photos for you.

Apart from exercise and pantomime, I have been thinking some about Mary, the mother of Jesus as a way into Christmas. I taught a godly play style story on the nativity at school which went down suprisingly well considering it was their first attempt and only their second day with me as their new teacher. Being in school for the last 2 days of term was fun, a good way to get to know my class in a relaxed setting. Spent some time yesterday with Andrea and Matty, friend from Winchester who R used to work with and her son who is a bit younger than H. We went to Itchy Valley and ran around trying to keep warm. A and I had a hopping race, closely monitored by H and Matty and some of the other park users. A is a soul friend who I feel looks into my heart and knows me, even tho we don't get to see each other much. She shares my passion for Aldi food and charity shop trophy hunting, we are planning a day out in Eastleigh to pick up the post sales bargains together before too long. Hey! Have never told you how good Eastleigh is. Will remedy that... it is like Bitterne but bigger and better. Has a Pound Land, which is a close second to Wilkinsons in my favourite shop top ten of all time. Fareham is like Eastleigh but bigger and better. It has Wilkinsons and Pound Land. I need to go and lie down, getting giddy with the excitement of Fareham.

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Whiteley Rules said...

I went to Bitterne following your fantastic reviews to buy a picture frame, a bouncy ball and a Santa costume (all things that you'd expect to find in a normal shopping precinct I'm sure you'll agree) and NONE OF THEM WERE THERE! Whiteley Rocks, all of the above (except the picture frame and bouncy ball) on the Friday before Christmas, no-one there shopping (as usual), and a Christmas scene complete with fake snow. I tell you Whiteley is Britain's best kept secret.