Saturday, 30 December 2006

Today I passed a Cannon Hygiene Van and noticed it sports a royal coat of arms on the driver door, with the message underneath ' providers of sanitary services to the queen'. I like observing these royal stamps of approval on everyday items, the queen mother STILL eats weetabix, from beyond the grave, that's how good it is. Has she tried the new Oatibix? And did you know that the queen uses Addis dustpans, brushes and little steps to reach items in her cupboards? I wonder whether the royal palaces have those 'sanitary bins' in each WC in each palace, and whether the van driver of the van I saw is the sole servicer of these items, or whether all the vans get the crest, not just the one who does the royal palaces. Or, in fact, whether the ladies in waiting only have one cubicle with effective service provision in each palace?



David E said...

Having only recently discovered this blog, I have had a bumper-crop of excitement to peruse. To summarise my feelings upon being brought up to date, I have two things to say:

1) Woe is me, for I now no longer live near Bitterne, the Las Vegas of Hampshire.

2) If this blog were a tin, it would have to have 'Warning: Contains concentrated Kay-ness' printed on it.

I have to take solace in the fact that Bethnal Green is very similar to Bitterne. Same types of shop, but add Indian takeaways and Sari shops and remove most of the IC1 classification people (except the fat ones). It also has a tube station that sees more than 30,000 people pass through it each day - much like a very very hungry person-eater. The tube can whisk (sic) you away to such exciting places as Lancaster Gate, Googe Street and Mornington Crescent. Class!

Kay said...

Thank you David E for your kind comments. Sadly, I fear you missed out on Bitterne's highlights despite living so near for so long. Bethnal Green does sound good and maybe I will visit before too long.