Thursday, 30 August 2007

Today, my lucky daughter no 1 won another competition. Tickets for all of us to go to Paultons Park. Devotees will remember the bargain price gained for our last visit in July, so imagine my delight to be going again for the price of a second class stamp.

H is really good at winning things. While they were camping in Swanage, she spent £4.50 in a jewellery shop, entered a raffle and won a £30 voucher to spend there. Which she did, with vigour, as only a 6 year old with style and attitude can do in a costume jewellery store. Previously, she has won a cassette player, lunch box and colouring book that I can recall. There will be more than that, I just can't remember them all.

I have recently (in last year) won a book about villages of England, a cloth bag and a £30 voucher to spend at Saints shop. I am really looking for someone to buy it off me for £25, as I don't have any need or desire for any Saints merchandise. My most exciting win is of a bike light, which has not arrived yet. I got it for writing the star letter in Rob's cycling magazine. I sent them an email tonight reminding them to send it to me. I feel like that guy who writes Timewaster letters to people.

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