Saturday, 24 November 2007

In my church work I have done overtime this week, and I am going to write something on the thoughts section of the official Southampton Vineyard website, so I will direct you there for in depth analysis of the underlying trends in children's ministry today.

This place would be ruined by such trifles. I learnt a new word today, only I can't remember it. It means 'saying the same thing over and over again' and is related to people with Autism or similar in the context I learnt it. Or didn't. It ended in -lalia which is an unusual word ending and one I like. I like learning about words. Entomology or something like that is the scientific term, I think. I have a few books on words which I browse sometimes, like the dictionary. Sometimes I repeat words, which sound good, like Thacker.

We sang a song today which is an old un but a good un.
I'm callin out,
'Light the fire again'

R lights a fire most nights at this time of year, so if it goes out ( not much kindling in stock you see) I will sing it to him.

The reason I was singing old songs was because I was at a training day on children with additional needs at Highfield church hall. We did some good things with a parachute, but, as I say, you will have to wait and check out the official, censored website at for more reportage. One nugget I will give you is the conversation I had with a lovely couple at lunch time, who live in Millbrook but attend a church in Weston. I asked them how they had found their son's education at his secondary school. The dad answered in the form of a riddle:

You know the kind of music M and M sings ( well, barely, but OK, rap)
Well, put a C in front of that and you get what the special needs support was like at the school.

Those of you who have known me for a while will know that rap is not my specialist subject, and in fact any American male singers are a mystery to me - ie Duff Paddy. In fact, American films are generally wasted on me unless I have to have the sound up and subtitles on as I can't understand what they are saying. Which makes me sound really old. An older lady at the training day misunderstood me as I was introduced to her, and thought I was telling her I was a granny. To which she said' Oh that's nice', barely an eyebrow batted.

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