Sunday, 13 April 2008

Our train adventure went well. A had a bit of a hissy fit on way there and on way back, and considering it was 7 hours and the length of England, that's not bad, and a lot better than we would have had in the car. Plus no sick. Staying with the Shottons is always a delight, home cooked rustic fare, feather beds, milking cattle at dawn, that type of life up in Northumberland.

We had a fabulous sunny morning at the beach, with the girls in rock pools and the dog tearing around the place, I managed a quick wander up the sandy beach on my own and a sit and pray in the sunshine. We spent a rainy day in 'Seven Stories', a brill children's exhibition with Roald Dahl and Horrid Henry exhibitions, and a dressing up room, puppet making and an arts and crafts space, we spent all day there and could have stretched it further. It's in Newcastle, so bit of a long way to go just for the day.

On the train home yesterday we had a crowded carriage from Derby to Birmingham, when a load of Aston Villa fans got on. Had some engaging conversations with H on why people speak differently in different parts of the country. The Newcastle accent is delightful, and I know people say this, but the people are really friendly. If it wasn't for the rain and the cold I could live there. Can't say the same for the Aston Villa accent. They weren't particularly perky, a kind of well behaved if slightly drunk mish mash of masculinity, and on returning home R checked out the football scores - their team had won 6-0. Which made R wonder what it would take to get Aston Villa fans really happy. I mean, what we saw must have been the top notch on their celebration scale. Bless em.

Our cat survived our absence, and has been very cuddly with us since we got back, even heard purring, so clearly she loves us and missed us. Ha! I have been looking up recycled alternatives to cat litter as she doesn't seem too keen on jumping the fences and going on Hattie and Adam's lawn. One blog suggests shredding newspapers, but we only get the Advertiser and I don't know if that will contain all her wee. Still, will give it a go and report back. We have had a stream of Echos from the Clarks, so will ask them to keep them coming and let the cat wee all over them - after I have extracted the competitions, of course! Still a bit desperate for winnings. Entered one today to win a weekend stay in Essex. Bet I win that one, as no one else would enter it.

Rowed 2000 m today. Bejing, here I come! Or maybe I won't, as it is a bit further than that to row solo all the way to China. And I have an appointment with a surgeon this Friday, so couldn't get going on the row till a couple of weeks hence.

At the gym I did 41 minutes of CV work, then went to Pilates where I was irrited by having to do all the exercises on a stupid piece of foam tubing. I do get annoyed by some of the things she makes us use, although I am sure it is good for me to get stronger, more flexible and do all that with a hoop or the inside of a car tyre or whatever she brings along. H was doing some cat stretches and other exercises in the train yesterday, a girl after my own heart, not at all self conscious about stretching out in public, although the gangway is not very wide and the people at the table opposite were very forgiving.

Read a book called 'serve god, serve the planet' by Dr Steeth or Leech or some such name. Very very good book, makes you think about all aspects of life, not jut changing lightbulbs and the obvious things like that.

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