Sunday, 8 November 2009

From January 2010 the following tutors are required:
Indian Cookery, Tai Chi, Line Dancing, Tap Dancing, Reflexology and fitness class instructors.
For an application form please email

I had a look at that advert and thought that some of you would be perfect for ALL of those evening classes. And imagine doing it all at once! I have always wanted to try tap dancing again, not put off too much by the trauma of wearing a blue leotard every Saturday morning and trotting around the village hall, saying shuffle hop change every now and again.

I learned some new things at the gym tonight, as I am thinking about entering a 'fitness challenge' when you have to do so many reps of things in a time. I have not done 3 of the things before, and as they involve upper body strength I need to do some work if I am to enter.

R came home very tired from not sleeping at Calshot where he was learning to ski and learning to look after teenagers who are skiing. I have just finished writing 9 IEPs individual education plans) - so thats one third of my class (pretty much) on one. I have 18 boys and 12 girls, and 8 of the 9 IEPs are for boys, and they are all about reading and writing - so maybe we just need to admit that some boys don't 'get' reading and writing as quickly as most girls do and lag behind by a year or so to start with but its all ok in the end, and I wouldn't have to spend from 9pm til 10.30pm on a Sunday writing them?

Last night I had a curry out at a curry place in Portswood, chauffered by Josh in the mini. It was nice to catch up with some of Steve's friends - he has a lot, there were about 30 people there, although 6 of them seemed to have got in under the fence by being Simone's friends. A bit tenuous I thought but they were pleasant enough. This is the legendary Steve Jones, you have probably heard him on the radio but may not recognise his music. He is not famous yet, but if the current rash of Xfactor wannabies are any indicator of the talent of Britain, he should be up there in the final next year. In fact, I would wager that were he to enter he would win. They don't have many people playing the harmonica on these talent shows, and as Steve doesn't either he should do ok.

I practised and really enjoyed telling the story of the 10 Best Ways to live to the children this afternoon for our little church thing at our house, and we added another 'Do not drop litter'. We wondered if God had meant to put 11 but forgot that one. Or maybe Moses (litterbug) dropped that tablet as he was coming down the mountain, thus in one action causing the litter problem everafter and keeping the eleventh commandment out of the canon of scripture. We did some excellent wondering - what would it be like if we didn't love other people? They seemed to think we need to have God love us before we can love others or God. What if you live in the desert and just love God- do you have to love other people too?

Apart from that, the girls and I spent the day at home doing tidying and throwing stuff away and crafts and it was generally harmonious with them being mostly very obliging and helpful with my commands to fill boxes with rubbish. Must remind everyone to buy the girls experiences, books or clothes and not toys or games as we have too many that get ignored in the playroom already. There you are, consider yourself reminded. Better still, buy them nothing and send a goat to Ehiopia or somewhere on their behalf. We made our shoebox and I dashed down to the church today to hand it in in time, and the girls have been interested to know who will get it, and what country the girl will live in, and through the work they do in school on their link children in Cambodia and Ecuador and somewhere else they are very aware of the differences around the world. But no, I am NOT taking them on Matt's next trip to India. Wild horses and the shout of God would be needed to get me in India. Did you do one of those shoeboxes this year? Luckily, after 8 years of going to a depot in Eastleigh after dark, R has decided to hand over the shoebox appeal at his school to someone else, but no one wants to do it. I seemed to get the job on a few occasions, and the place where you speak in to get the gate open is set at a height suitable for truck drivers to speak into from their cabs, so quite a challenge to get heard. I felt like Mr Small trying to ring that bell.

Incidentally, the children all agreed that God's voice to Moses was a shout. I don't think God shouts much; like all the best teachers, he knows that the best interventions are silent.

That was silence.

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