Monday, 14 May 2012

There are a few bits of me that do not ache. Do something scary every day. Today's scary has been admiring my bruises, getting up and down stairs unaided and generally breathing without too much pain. I do not expect sympathy, as these wounds are utterly self inflicted, the harvest of a race out in a dinghy in windy weather, hanging off the edge on a wire and falling in too much. That was yesterday's scary. We had an amazing start and a fantastic first lap and a half. Then I noticed someone else capsized and thought we should join them. From then on, in a catalogue of errors I could write a book on, I managed to keep on tipping the boat the wrong way, thus landing myself in the water many times more often than is necessary or useful. At any point of sailing I can achieve a capsize, where others have tried and failed, I will succeed! Yikes. My body must have gone into some kind of retreat to protect itself from me. I spent the morning on a mild and pleasant cycle ride with Kev and Lucy from Esporta days, great to see them both, along with a few more intrepid cyclists that Kev has recruited to his merry band of outdoor training enthusiasts. Kev aplogised that the cycle was neither long nor challenging physically, but believe me, it was not necessary to be either with the afternoon I then endured. I love sailing, I really do, I remember when I thought that any sport that involved falling over and hurting yourself was ridiculous. Now, my two favourite sports involve just that! Although I tend to stay upright on my bike most of the time.

Today was cancer free day, a half day off work to go to the hospital and find out that I am fine. Still. 4 years on. Thankfully, my consultant appreciates the cost to me, her, and ultimately you, dear tax payer, of taking a teacher out of class ( thus paying a supply), and having a consultant oncologist tell me I am fine ( probably a nurse, or even an admin person could achieve this, and be paid less per hour). In fact, a text message would do the trick and could be automated and cost the NHS even less. Then doctors could doctor and nurses could nurse and I would be happy to see someone ( anyone!) every 5 years for them to prod my neck, and in between I will give them a call if I am worried. So, we have come up with something more cost effective, for which I feel sure you will thank me.

One irony that amused me was the people at the hospital smoking next to no smoking signs, and outside the windows of the Cancer research unit. Oh, how I laughed. Well, I would have done, could I have drawn breath in the smoky twilight zone that I was walking through.

I bumped into some Christians I slightly knew in the past at the hospital. They told me the name of the church they now went to, and the name of the pastor there ( as if I should know him as he is famous!), then asked me if I had heard of another ( I assume ) famous pastor, from the God channel. No, sadly I hadn't. I have no idea of who on earth they are on about. With my new found catholic bias, I don't think any pastor is more famous than the pope. And he is not on the god channel! Anyway, I mention this because it upsets my 'priesthood of all believers' mentality to have people hopping churches to hear the next big thing. I do not know that the RC church is that hot on the priesthood of all believers either. Still, got to give it a go.

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