Saturday, 5 January 2013


See what I did there? Have decided to go back to basics and use this blog  as a weapon in my fight for fitness and world domination in sport. So, after so long not telling you anything, I will try to keep you up to date with my fitness campaign so you can vicariously feel fit, just by reading along and being a couch training buddy.

So, I got up early to go swimming with R, but A was feeling a bit lonesome so I stayed home and did some gardening instead - well, I pulled up dandelions and brambles, which is what counts for gardening around here. A and I cycled to and from her swimming lesson, 15 minutes each way, and while she swam, I ran. It is very hilly around Bursledon, so more of an amble. My troubled left hip/knee/ankle combo has reared its evil head, I blame the gardening.

Yesterday went a bit better, after cycling to see my spiritual director on Hill Lane, I cycled into town and swam for nearly an hour at the Quays, with R, doing a set which he has memorised from his tri training. It's like this if you want to have a go:
200 swim, 200 pull, 100 swim ( that is the warm up)
4 x 50 slow there, fast back
4x 75 right arm, left arm, both arms
4x25 kick
200 pull

Then you do the set that I have not yet got very far into, essentially its something like this;

swim 400
swim 200
swim 100
swim 50

I only got up to the first bit of that last bit. And wearing flippers. So, I have someway to go there.

Then cool down (I do 100 breaststroke for that)

Tomorrow - who knows - maybe a bike ride or a run?


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