Sunday, 22 November 2015

Netley I love

So tonight I heard my blog is still read  by the Barr family in bed. Hearing about the options that Duncan Barr has in his suit pockets I am surprised, even awed that my blog gets a look in during bedtime routine in the Barr house.  Netley, and Netley sailing club in particular is one of my passions, here is why :

 Because sailing levels everyone to a basic elemental fight to stay upright.
Because people are kind and generous even if you sail a cat and they really think therefore you are an idiot.
Because there is the opportunity for children to live safe and free, managing risks and climbing trees.
Because all sorts of people learn to get along despite differences.
Because the sunset is awesome.
Because sailing has taught me to be braver and calmer and laugh in the face of peril.
Because my girls have been growing up with the sea air in their lungs and camping as normal.
Because starting to sail was the beginning of my life part 2.
Because rob cackling maniacally when it's really windy reminds me of lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump.
Because I feel accepted and able to be my slightly over the top and wonky self at Netley.

Thank you if you are part of it. Heaven is hard to create on earth. X

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