Wednesday, 14 March 2007

I have been studying the names of companies on vans. There is one I see called 'Tubular mechanics' of Eastleigh. It makes me think of sausage dog men doing things to your car. But really, I am not sure if I would know if I needed a tubular mechanic. What tubes do they deal with? How would I know that it was so bad I needed a specialist and not a standard mechanic? I have come to the conclusion that these signs and associated info given on the van are not designed for people like me, but for people who do know about tubes and their associated troubles. But how many of them are there, and do they honestly drive along in their cars (or signed vans) and suddenly notice the Tubular mechanic in front of them, and jot down their number on a handy post it? I was next to a 'Piling' van on Monday at the traffic lights. I have no idea if I need piling either, but I noticed that another Piling van drove past and they exchanged beeps. So, I know now that the point of all that writing on vans is purely so that the drivers know who each other are to toot at their colleagues.

If you were thinking of sending HRH a parcel, she uses DHL, according to my reading the sign on their van. Seems a bit churlish of her to not use the ROYAL Mail, as it bears her name, and bothers to put her face on all the stamps. Still, she probably can't bear all that queuing at Christmas to get parcels that the postman didn't deliver. I find the trip to Northam a lot easier than the ones to Millbrook or Eastleigh for other couriers, but up in London things might be a little different.

Tonight we watched Marie Antoinette, a watchable film with good mixture of music and a likeable central character, I thought. Still, you watch it and tell me what you think.

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