Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Two weekends in Dorset, and for once the words 'sublime' and 'ridiculous' fit. In between, we have had two almost wholly successful car free weeks. I used the car to take a wet and dry hoover back to a friend's home, which is only a mile or so away, but beyond even my cycling ability, esp with Amy and a box of attachments. Rob also used the car one day to get to work as he forgot to bring his cycling kit home, but he did think through many other options before resorting to the car. He also used someone else's car, which we borrowed for one of the weekends away, because that doesn't count. It has been great to walk places with A and all of us are getting faster at cycling.

I have had a successful Sainsburys online shopping experience, so will stick with them from now on. We have 1 more week of trial to run I think, to the end of March, and then will review our transport needs.

Weekends! Dorset - a county of two halves. First weekend in a cottage in Drimpton, near Broadwindsor, which will be known to many as home of the craft centre with amazing selection of comedy ties. This was a ladies weekend, with some walking on cliff tops, sitting on the beach, and much drinking wine and eating. Best to do it all in that order to avoid fatalities.

The second weekend was at Haven Rockley Park in Poole. It was my second Haven, and after great time at Littlesea it had a lot to live up to. The girls and the kids of the other 2 families we went with had lots of fun, usual winning combination of playpark, swimming pool, soft play area, sleeping in a caravan, Rory show and games including family bingo, mixed up with fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate. I just found it a bit more lager fuelled than Littlesea, and if you were going to ask my opinion on which one to go to, I would probably say to head for Center Parcs. No! We might try Butlins next year though...

Probably I was annoyed that I did not win on the bingo. Especially as I went to proper Bingo a few weeks back and didn't win then either. Clearly my neptune and venus are not lining up in Sagitarius and Capricorn, and a lunar landing is imminent, but not a Bingo win. This Friday is our grand raffle at toddler group, so hope all my luck is holding out for that event.

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Samantha said...

A nice mix of countryside and coastlines made our holiday on the Haven Park Littlesea that extra special. It made me think why do people travel abroad and pay the extortionate prices when there are so many fantastic areas of the UK if you look hard enough!