Thursday, 21 August 2008

I am not sure I gave you the full run down on Norfolk. We had the dubious honour of staying 3 nights on a campsite in Snettishham. Sounds like a sneeze. Looks like one too. The campsite had a clubhouse which meant two night of bad rock anthem covers til midnight. It was very tightly packed in camping, where the person in the caravan next door rolled over, you did too. In fact, the man in the caravan next to our campervan died the first night we were there, and we wondered if a hitman had got the wrong address. The guy actually died in hospital, not in the caravan adjacent, which proves the theory that hospitals are bad places to go to because you are more likely to die there than in a caravan park in Snettishhhmann. Atchoo. Apart from getting off to that great start, the weather was the usual inclement mix we have got used to on camping trips, and the Saturday am was spent in Tescos cafe, followed by me sleeping in the campervan in a carpark while the rest of Family Bowen mooched round the shops and bought an umbrella. R then took the girls swimming to a concrete shocker of a building on the sea front that looked like an iceberg but in grey and blocked the view for all the residents of Hunstanton. The sun then came out and we played on the beach, but my bag went bobbing off when I put it down to take a photo for a family. Tide comes in quick as it is so flat. The tide also goes out as far as Holland, so don't ever take a ferry, just head for the Wash and get walking at low tide. Perhaps Worksop's tourist information person could work wonders on Norfolk. Until then, take my advice, don't go. Unless you are keen on funny shop names, in which case, go now, my friend. One of my favourites was 'fudgetastic' which sold fudge. Not so good was 'FUNKtional clothing'.Yep, put me off too. Clothing can not be both funky and functional, so give up trying, oh dear people of Hunstanton.

Today I and Judi cooked cheese scones, soup and lovely date and apricot flapjack like slices. yum. It was fun cooking with Judi, then Sarah T (one of my blog fans!) and the rest of the Galbraiths came to eat the goodies. Sadly, guys, you missed out on the best bit which was the apricot and date things which were amazing, but not cool enough before you left. Ha! All the more for me. Yummy.

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