Friday, 16 October 2009

Have not run since Sunday, but did do an hour of tennis on Monday and Tuesday, and a swim on Monday, plus a cycle to work and back on Wed and Fri in case you are keeping a fitness diary for me. Cycling home from Hamble is literally entirely up hill apart from going down Warburton Hill when nearly home. Today at school it was my class assembly, which went well and had good feedback despite the CD player not working very well and the children going all shy and not singing like they have been! Then it was open afternoon, when parents come in from 2 and look at books and then can take their child and slope off early if they want to. Was left at hometime with 3 who were going to football club! It is a great idea, very informal and sociable. They have worked really hard this week on all the planning for an information page for a book, today was putting it all together and me tearing my hair out! Nearly all done, and a bit of time next week to make front covers etc. They really have worked hard and are getting so much better at reading and writing.

Last night we had our marriage spiral group, and it was thought provoking, about our hopes and fears for the future. I tend to avoid either. I accidentally mentioned to a mum of my class today that I had cancer last year, which sounds odd and ridiculous to me. I don't normally tell new people if not necessary, I guess its not how I define myself - but I was telling her about Wessex Cancer Trust as she is supporting a relative with cancer and so it seemed obvious. It just sounds so odd - like I am saying 'Oh yeah, I had a cold last week'. I still find the whole thing bizarre and like a semi colon in a sentence, that is how it feels in my life - odd, unnecessary mostly but providing a pause. So I think I have always thought that you shouldn't make too many plans, as you may not breathe your next .....

breath. Cor, bet you liked what I did there.

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