Monday, 25 January 2010

One of my favourite signs is the one that says 'in emergency - break seal' as I always see someone snapping a cuddly fluffy little seal in half.

Well, we have an emergency on our hands - but more of an emergent - cy - as Amanda is emerging from the protective cocoon of our family into the big wide world of living on her own in a flat. It is a miracle beyond all comprehension. We had given up on the council as it would be at least 3 more years before she was anywhere near the top of the points system for getting a flat. So we had looked at a private flat and R had figured out the finances and so on, and despite his increasing unease, had committed to a course of action and was up for supporting her to move into a flat a 15 minute bus ride away from thornhill. She went to accept and was told she was 10 minutes too late and they had given it to someone else. Big gloom, until, a couple of hours later, R happened to check her bidding status on the council system and found a message sent that day which said she had been offered a studio flat in Thornhill, a 10 minute walk away, and literally a roll down the hill from her flat to some of our housegroup members' houses. She went to view it today and is signing and getting the keys tomorrow and moving in on Monday!!!!!!!!! Iknow it is wrong to do lots of !!!! but hey, you get my ! The girls are excited for her and desperate to help her pack her bags, but in a nice and loving way. She is so motivated and full of life it makes me want her to hang around, she not only viewed and accepted a flat but made and attended doctor and dental appointments today. This level of activity is unprecedented. H has made a list of everything you need for a flat, and we are circulating the church a list of assorted items she needs. She also has some funds that she has saved up ( my idea - good one eh? ) so she may be able to buy some of the white goods/carpet etc. The flat is in dencet condition with a recently installed new kitchen and bathroom, thanks to TPY's Better Homes project, part of the way they have spent the £50 million that Thornhill got from the government back in 2002 or whenever the 10 year project started.

So, that was exciting wasn't it? If you ever wondered if there was a God, here is the dramatic proof that there is. Even I was wondering at times. We are incredulous, especially when we have had some desperate times lately and felt really low, it is amazing to have such news and see, hopefully, the fruit of our labours.

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