Saturday, 23 June 2012

Triathlon. This week I was asked for advice on it. Managing to compose myself I did not laugh at thought of someone asking my advice on triathlon. Next thing I know, people will ask my advice on how to tie knots. Shallow laugh. Anyhow, disappointed to see that I have not been chosen as a domestique for the Team GB tri team. It is probably because I am not very domestic. Anyhow, it's nice to let someone else have a tri.  Sorry, couldn't resist. I have been thinking about entering another triathlon as my legs seem to be ok running a little, and the cycling is good, and it might give me an incentive to actually go swimming for the first time since about March.

Today I had a great ride, a Wiggle event from the Weald and Downland museum, 65 miles around and about, over to East Meon and back, all more to the east than my usual ramblings, so lovely to see some new territory. West Sussex is picture postcard pretty, all roses round the doors kinda thing. My Garmin tells me I did it in an average speed of 15.5mph, and was cycling for 4 hours and 4 minutes. I will look up my official time later, tried to do it at the event but it kept printing out the time of Len Someone despite me typing in my number, not Len's. I managed to hitch some rides on some groups and got pulled along for about a quarter of the ride, which is always a big blessing. I enjoyed the time on my own too, but the last 5 miles were steep and windy ( that is the wind was blowing) in the wrong ways. There were some truely awesome descents, which were steep and windy ( as in curvy) in the right ways.

Reminded me to tell you all here that I would like  to die on skis or a bike, if I get to some ancient age and am about to be put in a home for old and crazy women, save the money and stick me on a bike and push me down a steep hill. Or better still put me on skis and push me down a steeper hill. Not that I think about it all the time, just on the odd occasion when I am hurtling down a hill and LOVING IT and also having that tincy feeling that I am almost out of control. I should have been a cowboy. Or a domestique on the tour.

Thankfully, I know a great bike mechanic and my bike was serviced yesterday, so the brakes work, and he put new tyres on too, so I was gripping the dodgy potholed roads perfectly. The gears had been a bit clunky lately, but not anymore - awesome changes from small to big ring, hardly noticed it. Although obviously I did the whole thing on the big ring. I just checked my top speed on the Garmin and am a bit disappointed that it was only 36.3mph. If I had kept that up for the duration I would have been back at the start before I left.

At these sporting events full of lycra clad men ( mostly much fitter bunch today, not too many moobs in sight) there is always a massage tent at the end. I do not usually frequent it, as queues too long. However today there was hardly a queue, a very nice man and I handed over a tenner for him to rub my legs. Aaah. As usual I feel guilty for being told I have tight calves and tight quads. Sorry, I know, I don't do my stretches as I should, have not been to Pilates for weeks either, which I know helps but its indoors and the sun and the sky and the sea are outdoors.... He was very nice about it, its my guilt, not his. Breathe it out. And relax.

Yesterday R was asking odd questions like 'if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?' I decided against banoffee pie, and said a rather boring tomato and pasta dish, but now I think of it, my death row dinner, Nachos! Yummy gaucamole and sour cream and salsa and cheese  - mwah! My death row dinner includes banoffee pie for dessert. They are two good but different questions, I like my 'what would your death row dinner be?' question as people look bemused as if I am actually on death row. Which I am not. Although I  understand that how haggard I look after a week with Year 1s could lead you to believe that. You are all too kind, but hair dye is becoming an expensive necessity rather than a luxury, and I need weekly facials, ideally, to avoid 'teacher's frown'.

Now, there is some talk about me buying a small car to make commuting timely rather than a logistical nightmare. Not sure yet, but as I am driving (sorry again!) R mad telling him I like every car I see, he has decided that he will take this matter into his own hands. I have already told him I would like a Rav4 or an Audi TT, however, through this medium I would like to tell him that actually I have always been a big fan of Alfa Romeos. I don't think we have talked budgets yet, which is probably for the best. I suggested a motor bike and was offered a test ride on one to see how I got on, but R said he would rather buy a Rav4 than a motorbike.

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Minkyboy said...

Bit of a messy final meal to eat while hurtling downhill on skis I would have thought.