Thursday, 14 June 2012

WEBEX I have no idea what it is but am delighted to say that I am taking part in one.  I have signed up for a virtual online training course called 'Leading Effective Teams' ( LET). R thinks I already do that ( he should know, being in the Bowen dream team). Whatever, I will learn plenty of things I do not know the names of, if the introductory email is an indicator of what is to come. Maybe LET is all about lots of acronyms.   We have been attempting to synch social calendars for the Bowen whirls, it all gets a bit hazy around mid July. Granny M has been on hand the last couple of days which means the house is clean, and R and I went sailing TOGETHER! Goodness it was not too much of a recipe for disaster. All went well and we are talking.

We have had a crazy couple of days of visitors at school. We had moderators in yesterday, and there was an under fives fun day with a farm attached, plus someone from Hampshire doing an audit of literacy and communication in year R. Would have been easy to mix them up and end up with a turkey assessing our Year 2 writing and a donkey observing Year R. Today I knew we had some job candidates in throughout the day, plus moderators for Year 6, and a swimming pool engineer. It would have been equally comic to have muddled them all up. However I did not know that we had a moderator coming to moderate the moderators. I happened to be in the office when she arrived, and I trailed her around the school asking her comedy questions like whether she knew how to repair swimming pools ( the depth has mysteriously increased by 20cm - not by the bottom getting deeper, in case you wondered) and whether she wanted a job in year 5/6. Anyhow, after school I found out that she was an OFSTED inspector type person, moderating the moderators is higher up than moderators on the food chain! Another teacher asked whether she was moderated and the answer is yes! How comical. They must all keep each other in jobs going round in a huge circle. A bit like our sailing friend Phil, who is a recruitment consultant, recruiting people for the recruitment industry! That sounds like pyramid sales to me.

In reviewing our lifestyle change in September (can't say too much) there is the possibility of me buying a new car. I am not a great fan of two car lives, however I can see that the alternative might not be an alternative, with all the complicated things that R does as a job. So, any ideas on the car of my dreams? Will it be a RAV4 or an Audi? Should I go with the dream car of pre baby days   - my lovely little KA? It needs to be small and economical - hey, a bike would do the job!

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