Friday, 6 July 2007

Ha! Great comment from Steve about parking tickets in China. Clearly there is a market for second hand VAT receipts. Spiritual directors- well, I was on a course at a retreat centre and got chatting to a lady there who mentioned she was just finishing her course to be a spiritual director. I went to the loo, prayed and asked her to be mine (not all at once).

There are probably other ways, the Church of England have a person in each diocese for spiritual development so they would be a good starting point.. or a trawl of local retreat centres? Interestingly (perhaps for some) as we are all parishioners of one parish or another of the C of E, we are technically their souls for the curing, so I say get cured! Like bacon!

My latest reading matter is a book by a lady in the US who decided not to shop for a year, other than for basic food items... and medicine for her sick cat. The cat costs her over $1000 per year, frankly even a cat lover like me would adminsiter a little tight pillow love at that cost. That is more than it is to keep R, and I have not thought of asphyxiating him. Lately.

I made R go scrounging around Thornhill for a Guardian newspaper late on Wednesday night - some of you will be LOL at that bit by now, knowing the ridiculous nature of that quest. Anyhow, he found one, and it had a pull out section on NDC and a article all about Sanda, which is why I wanted to get it. She is one of the co founders of the toddler group that I have attended for the last 3 years, and have recently slid off the committee of.

Have you noticed that I never tell you what I am about to do, only what I have done? That is to stop stalkers from getting ahead of me and being there before I get there.

I watched the Cherie programme the other night, and was horrified to listen to myself commenting on her clothes and make up! I have been so conditioned by the media and society's view on women. Never mind that she is a super brainy multi tasking mother of 4, and a lawyer of some standing, but I am like the Sun and looking at her clothes combos. That is frightening, how conditioned I am by the world around me.

Have to go, need to apply more mascara before I go out.

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