Sunday, 8 July 2007

Through winning friends and influencing people - someone should write a book on that - I was very blessed to take H to Paultons Park today, for a severely bargain price. I took along one of her friends, K. It was a blessing in many ways. First, we had promised H a trip to PP for her birthday, which is next week. It was going to cost us over £70 to get all of us and one of her friends in, so for the bargain price of £15 I got me and 2 kids in, and H was happy as she got her trip with a friend. So, financially a happy day. It was a sunny day, apart from the rain, and the rain was only for the last hour of the day. We went on loads of rides and I only said no to one that they wanted to do and which I do not have the stomach for - I was really brave and went on the teapots. Now, the weird thing was how emotional I was being there. I cried with happiness when we got in - literally - I was so glad to be there (and to be there for so little cash), and to be doing something special for H for her birthday which she had chosen. On the way there we prayed, and one of H's wishes (her word for prayer - hey its close!) was for there to be lots of pretty flowers. And there were! How good is that? There were also lots of people eating chips, and we joined in and stopped at a big multinational fast food outlet for 'Happy Meals' on the way home. Sorry everyone. But you are only 6 once, and what better way to encourage your children to fight against capitalism and for the environment than by feeding them McCrap once a year?

Last night we went to Bingo. Emma initiated this trip and there were 7 of us, with me and Em the most proficient and competent players, having been once before. It was very funny to hear myself explaining something that frankly is a mystery even now. We had 2 wins between 7 of us, with Libby's walking under ladders and stroking black cats working, as she got the biggest of those, and nearly another win but she was a bit tentative with shouting 'Housey Housey'. The Bingo was in Woolston, where I also had my hair cut and wandered around Woolworths earlier in the day. I also visited a beautician earlier in the day, in Thornhill. She shared my passion for Bitterne! In her words: 'It's got everything you need.' And she came from Northam, so no allegiance.

My recommendations for a good life: always opt for Gala bingo. And go to Paulton's Park for a fun day out. It comes highly recommended, better than Adventure Wonderland ( but more expensive, and you can use Tesco points to get in to AW). Damn me! I jut confessed to having some Tesco points, which means that I must have accidentally shopped in Tescos at some point this year. That and McDonalds, will have to not eat for a few weeks to make up for those consumer choices.

I did make a environmentally conscious choice and ordered a box of vegetables from Sunnyfield Farm. She asked me on the phone if I wanted to know what was in it, and I said no, let it be a surprise. They obviously have a policy for idiots like me, hence the enormous cabbage, enormous marrow and enormous bag of spinach. Feel like James and the Giant Peach, but in a dreadful vegetable nightmare version. Have found a recipe to make the marrow edible, and to use the cabbage leaves creatively, but think bubble and squeak will be featuring this week on the menu Chez Bowen.

So, Bingo, bargain day out and vegetables. If you googled those 3 do you think my blog would be the first choice? I am blessed with all 3 of those experiences.


Anonymous said...

I just googled those three things and surprisingly your blog didn't come up (at least not on the first two pages).
Ang xxx

Anonymous said...

And by the way, I can totally understand the crying at Paultons thing, it sounds like it was a very 'spiritual' experience! Made me want to cry when I read it!! Thank you God!
Ang xxx

Em said...

Do you think that even I might cry at Paultons Park? (its not like National Trust is it?)I suppose I could give it a go...after Bingo the only way is up!