Wednesday, 18 July 2007

On Monday I popped up to Bitterne for a quick swim about 6pm. Oh Bitterne LC! How I missed you! Your spelling of cubicles (cubicals), the plasters in the showers, the petting couples sprinkled liberally across the pool to make the lengths that bit more diagonal. What joy is mine! The pool was full with a cross section of Bitterne's humanity. How good it is to share water with these people! People who go on buses, for example.

Yesterday my exercise involved cycling to and from work. The wind did a 180 shift during the day so I was cycling into the wind throughout. Stopped at M and S to have a drink and a bit of time out on return. Chatted to a lady from Reading for whom it was her first visit to Hedge End. She'll be back. M and S have moved their cafe downstairs, so there is an outside bit, at the back, near the bus stops that most people with cars have no idea is there. There is a non functioning but interesting looking play area there too.

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