Friday, 16 May 2008

Bitterne Village is the new Bitterne, according to the Pizza Hut leaflet. Now that is a rebranding exercise that will take some investment. Managed to drag GM (Granny Mary) the length and breadth of Bitterne Precinct today, starting with the charming lady in the library, through the helpful Superdrug staff to the very chirpy people on the tills in both branches of Sainsbury. I was mainly out to buy ant and slug killers - I am not into humane treatment of vermin. I had a couple of rats in my shed the other day - the Davidges. Not that I am suggesting the Davidges themselves are rats, but they brought their beastly creatures round for a holiday in our shed. Yuk. R and I checked out the Bugle in Botley on Wednesday night, and GM, A and I returned today for a good lunch, lots of interesting things on the menu and friendly staff. I don't often recommend any hostelries that are not in the Bitterne district, but it is worth a bike ride, bus ride or even car journey to enjoy the countryside on our doorstep of Botley. We learnt a lot about William Cobbett, who was essentially a blogger about 200 years early, who rode around on a horse and said things like: 'Never trust a woman who can't bake her own bread'. Absolutely agree mate.

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