Sunday, 22 June 2008

Have been spending time with people of all kinds, too varying to all belong to the same species really. Finding for some reason (new tablets? post op? general crazy person?) that I feel more on the outside looking in, from a big grey cloud, and it is most peculiar. I am either full of beans and hyper-double usual manic self, or really tired and droopy and lethargic, and usually its the latter. So, when the bursts of craziness come, I make huge use of them to compensate for the grey times. Which then maybe last longer as a result of being tired? Oh, I don't know, and will quit while I am ahead on my medical training. I saw our GP, Dr Ahmed, the butt of A's favourite 'Knock Knock' joke, on Friday, and thanked him for his swift action in sending me to see Dr Slicer. I guess not many GPs get much thanks, or clearly he never had before, judging by his stunned response.

As I have now got a job from September til February, my favourite internet past time of looking for jobs is no longer legitimate. It is a great relief to have a job lined up, and such a lovely one, as I have been busily spending the money I will be earning already. Then R pointed out that the first big dollop of it would just compensate for the cash I was no longer earning from church job, and goes on exciting things such as a pension and life insurance. Which leaves me with a big chunk less to spend.

R is building up his fleet, now proud owners of 3 boats, for those who know or care: a Topper, a Mirror and a Fireball. The Fireball sits on the drive in a sorry state, having been in a garden in Porchester for 10 years, until it was rescued on Saturday. It spent all of Saturday afternoon being jetwashed, and looks much better - however it does have a hole in the bottom, a huge problem for a boat. Well, an even huger problem for the person sailing it, I guess. Let's hope this sudden flurry of boat repair, combined with the bike repair, in full flood, could become a wonderfully fulfilling career change for R. He could recycle environmentally friendly forms of transport, maybe even invent a bike with sails or boat with pedals. Think the second one has been done. Not very well though, sure the pedalo is not the pinnacle of sailing engineering. They don't have a pedalo class in the Olympics, do they? We have booked camping space in my sister in laws sister's garden, in Weymouth, for the Olympics in 2012. Bet you haven't been so forward thinking, eh? May have to make more friends with bigger gardens in East London to get the campsite sorted there. I imagining that only A and I will actually need the tent, as R and H will by then, be so good they are competing in the 'bicycle-boat combi' class.

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