Saturday, 8 November 2008

Today we benefitted from a free lunch at Tesco,as their till was not working. Surely, they could have shut the cafe, or had cash only, but hey - I'm not complaining! We had spent a fortune in there, as all our electrical equipment broke this week ( well not all, but the TV, digi box, DVD player, printer and a lightbulb). Not all at once, some had been pretty much dead for a while. A new DVD player is on its way from R's dad, who has a surplus of electical equipment, so we just bough a 42inch plasma screen with surround sound system. ONLY JOKING! Its actually 48inches. The printer is blacker, noiser and bigger, but apart from that the same as the old small, quiet grey one. The lightbulb seems fine. While I am on the subject of electricals, I have 'won' an IPOD shuffle, which I will not know what to do with. They look great, I have seen people with them on their arms at the gym, but how do you get the CDs to fit in to that little circle? I chose a blue one, as I fear it might soon end up as R's Xmas present and he doesn't do pink as much as I do. I 'won' it for refering R to the gym, so now we are all officially posh, and yesterday tea time had a fabulous outdoor family swim by moonlight. I was there in the morning, for a sunlit swim too, and a quick prance around in the gym. In fact, yesterday I was the lady who lunches, as after gym and swim at 'The Club' I had an aromatherapy massage and lunch in Romsey. I then popped into Waitrose for essentials, dahling, before carefully reapplying my lipstick and tying up my headscarf and making my way home in the Discovery.

Today we were blessed with the presence of my bro and his treasure little boy, who came for the day and took A out to Play Shack for her birthday treat. You may have noticed my brother is the next big thing in the blogging world. Or maybe not, as i am his only reader. Anyhow, he is, if you are interested in the hots and colds of life as a plumber in the home counties. He is very funny, must have been having Mr Clucas for an English teacher that has led to his intelligent style of writing.


Sarah T said...

You crack me up Kay!!

BEC said...

Hi Kay.

I have an ipod but it is the 1 you can put videos and photos on.

It is really handy.