Saturday, 29 November 2008

although out on a limb, we are still loosely members of Southampton Vineyard Church, so I though I should get up to date with the latest ideas. Sorry, couldn't bear to listen to the songs, sure they are great but I don't like sitting in front of computer listening. Just my preference. Anyway, 2 things:

firstly, some of the leaders other than Matt need to get their 'thoughts' up on the web page, please! I always enjoyed reading my own most when I wrote there.

secondly, the jubilee ideas sound sound, if you know what I mean, and I am glad to see that once again my way of life is being ascribed to with a call to vegetarianism for a month!!!! Oh the irony!

Other things are that when you go to Tescos early on a Saturday morning, thinking that everyone else will still be in bed, you will be wrong, and they will all have had the same thought. Even the RETIRED people who can go to Tescos on any other day of the week - so why do they go on Saturdays? If I was retired ( which I am aiming for pretty soon - our mortgage is down under 10 years!!) I would go to Tesco on Tuesday mornings. Although I probably would not go at all and have time to go to Iceland on the bus.

Recently, in a reverse jubilee shift we have become a one car family again, as we were a half car family. (do you like my pun on reverse and shift, both terms to do with cars). We have given our car away (it was too embarrassing to try to sell it) and bought my dad's 10 year old Astra which he has had from new and has done under 50k miles. Now, after buying it, I remembered why we had bought a people carrier. It was to lug spare kids about. So now we have to calculate carefully and not take too many. Which is good for me, as I invite everyone to everything. Also remembered that when we had an Astra before I didn't like reversing it because it has a very thin back window. It still has, but I am improving - only once got the metal bars outside our house and haven't told R.

Today I took our girls and 2 more children to see Wall E at the cineworld, the £1 a ticket bargain show. It was good, in that it was warm, and dark, and as I had taken popcorn and drinks the whole thing came to £7. ( Parking was £2). Anyhow, the film was OK, not very funny, more pathetic really, and a bit of a parable for our times about the environment, but I did like the captain's realisation that he wanted something different - 'I don't want to survive - I want to live!' That encapsulates some of my feelings of recent 'post cancer' months - and the Robbie song with similar sentiments does it too. I have a new way of looking at the world and my life, and a tendency to do what I want rather than what I ought. Interestingly, after a few months of that feeling uncomfortably selfish, I now find that the things I want to do are the things that I used to ought to do! So, instead of feeling that I SHOULD invite people over, or cook a meal for someone less well off or whatever all those good Christian works are, I WANT to cook for people and invite people to do things and see people who I haven't for a while. Does that make sense? Maybe I am telling you too much, but I observe a shift in my thinking that is important, nay, seminal.

I am still on the bus user group, for Thornhill residents, but have not been on a bus for ages so feel a bit of a cheat going along. Should I go or not?


Steve said...

Hey Kay,

Our housegroup are planning to produce small china thimbles for Jubilee with the faces of Matt and Di in profile and a delicate gold trim at the base - do you want in?

Kay said...

Put me down for a case. I'll flog 'em at Bitterne market. Are they filled with home made mincemeat?