Sunday, 10 May 2009

Eastleigh yesterday. I had booked in for a cours at the college but got there and waited while everyone else got called for their family history, pottery etc etc, silly old me had missed the answerphone message saying it was cancelled. I was really cross, and got home to find that the answerphone does not work, but the BT 1571 was awash with messages, which I never really check - so, now I know. Anyhow, I tried to make the best of a bad hand, what with having cycled to Eastleigh, and checked out a few charity shops, but my heart wasn't in it. Ended up sat in the library ( Eastleigh has a HUGE shelf section about trains) reading the TES. Which saved £1.40 on buying it. R had taken the girls to the fun club at the gym and decided to meet me for a Poppins lunch, which my heart wasn't in either. Took the girls to the great park in Eastleigh and played there for ages while R did haircut and bought some new trainers from the specialist running shop. One funny thing about that shop is that it is next door to a stannah stairlift and mobility scooter shop - side by side at different ends of the spectrum of fitness. Cycled home which is uphill, feeling weak, and stopped at a tesco express for a muffin and a fanta 0. Had a funny conversation with a lady who was intrigued by my racing bike and how much the saddle hurt. I told her 'quite a lot' and offered her a go but she was not keen.

Was delighted to wake to a text message saying that the new Miss House is in the world. I am sure she is as cute as her sister and as beautiful as her mum. Our little church had Godly play today ( we are the only church in the world who put something on for the children, and then wonder what to do with the adults - 'just shove them in another room with some colouring, they'll be fine...'). I was leading the story ( my favourite job) and Adam was ably door keeping for me. The wondering was amazing- they made links with other bible stories they knew, even Abbi, who is 3! The more Godly play they do, the better they get at linking the stories together, and the fact that you get to wonder about God, Jesus, and the characters in the bible stories is just awesome. After a shared lunch, somehow the ladies got roped in to go and clean up the House House after the birth - which happened at home but was a bit messy. I volunteered quickly for kitchen duties and got on with loading and unloading the dishwasher, while everyone else upstairs made secret vows never to have more children or become a midwife.

Just been for a outdoor swim in the deliciously warm pool. H did her test for her Advanced Swimmer Brownie badge while we were there, and passed. It meant A and I had time just for us two to play sharks. Her choice, not mine, some nasty wounds inflicted.

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Well done Hannah.