Thursday, 11 March 2010

There used to be a shop in Bitterne called Babyneeds, and the strapline ' Everything you need for the modern baby' is still up above the shop front. Unfortunately, the shop is now a charity furniture shop, for a local hospice, so under the strapline are the words 'children's hospice'. I really think they need to sort that out as it gives the wrong impression in all sorts of ways.

I have cycled past it 6 times this week, hence my observation. I have been cycling to and from town, where I am serving as a juror (not a conjuror) in Southampton Crown Court. So far, I have spent a total of 5 mins in a court room, and a lot of time reading or mooching about the city centre. Or meeting friends for lunch. Today I drove to Woolston and got the bus into town, as I was picking the girls up from a after school club in Weston. Getting the bus was so stressy for me compared to cycling. Tomorrow I am going back to work for a day and finding out whether they want me back at the court next week. I have read the Prodigal God by T Keller again, a book from the library by Libby Purves, a book of H's called Kazillion Wish. I have read 4 copies of Marie Clare and 2 of Good Housekeeping. I started today on the Big Issue, while doing Press Ups.

Our new car! Is big and black and looks a little like a hearse. If you have need of a mourning car, call me. The thing with this whole automatic thing, is that it is a doss. I mean, anyone could drive one! Its a cinch! You have to do almost nothing, and if you use cruise control, you can get away with doing nothing, literally, I am sure. Every junction I come to I grab for the gearstick to change down, and am convinced that I will stall at all times, but no, it all just does it for you. Why doesn't everyone have one? I wish someone had told me about them years ago. They are so easy peasy, as H said, she could drive it. And she could!

Today before I got to court I went for a run and cooked tea and cleaned the fridge. Not simultaneously, that would have been a feat! I did some hill climb reps in the woods, which I was pleasantly pleased with as the last time I tried them it was truly awful. This time, not so bad. If I had been carrying a fridge and a pasta bake it would have been something worthy of a headline.


Sarah T said...

Me, I've been telling everyone for years that automatics are fab! But no-one listens or they just tell me that it's not proper driving, but I don't care. If I came and parked my new new little black car outside your house it would look like yours had had a baby! Maybe.

Kay said...

Now, I have to confess, I thought automatics were, as you say, not for proper driving, kind of an easy option for people who find gears too challenging. but I am completely converted, and although I like the changing gear thing, I also like the bumper car feeling.