Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Digital photography at Itchen College started tonight. My evening class. I arrived late, after a very hilly cycle ride, and missed the fire regulations bit. It transpires that in the 5 minutes that I was not there the class decided to start half an hour earlier each evening, so I will have to cycle faster, invent time travel and hope that Rob is home in time each week. It will be worth it.

Feeling like a loser with my camera, I proudly downloaded some pictures last night so I was up to speed with the course. It is a course of two halves. There is one row of computers, where everyone has a big black camera with extra lenses and they know what to do already, and there are the rest of us. We have small silver cameras and don't know how to get the memory card out of them ( I didn't know I had one of them till tonight!).

I made 2 new friends, Barry, with a big black camera but very helpful and sitting just behind me, and man next to me (sorry forgot to look at his name card) who made me feel more computer literate than an Evans brother. He wrote everything down and we did everything slowly and twice, and it was good for me to talk through things again to help me learn them, and for him to do things and learn. We started with how to press control alt and delete at the same time. Yep. We were slow, but thorough, a good team. Tonight we learnt how to copy pictures and save them in a folder inside 'My pictures'. So far I do not feel at all out of my depth.

I cycled to nursery this am, and then to Hedge End at lunch time to pop into school and give back some work and that kinda stuff. Really missed being there, has confirmed my love for the beautiful profession! Might have just been that thing that kids do when they see an 'old' teacher and wave and look really pleased and give you hugs and smiles. Don't get that on a normal day at the coalface!

Apart from that work interlude, I was doing being at home with no kids day! I did washing, ironing, cleaned kitchen floor, changed beds, hoovered upstairs, sorted clothes that are too small/winter to give away or store, sorted the girls' wardrobes out, prepared a roast dinner, picked H up from school, did Girls God Gang and finished cooking the roast ready for when everyone else got there at 6pm. Did not get around to photo album sorting, loft clearout or gardening, and did not buy a curtain pole or any bicycle trouser clips. My nature is to look at my failures rather than my successes, but even I was chuffed with what I got done. Imagine what the world would be like if I was in charge...

I read in the paper at the weekend that a girl invited people via Myspace or something to a party at her parents house, and 40 000 people caused £20 000 damage, or similar ( that's 50p each - what did they do, break a plastic spoon each?) In the spirit of hoping that my blog reaches that many people and you are all free, I am having a party on Friday night. It is an environmentally friendly revolutionary cleaning cloth party. Get in touch if you want to come. It will be more about tidying than destroying, and will involve 'before' and 'after' cleaning. Now, I can see from reading that back that it sounds too far fetched to be true. It is true. I really am having a party about cloths and you really are welcome. Bring a bottle (of bleach).

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