Saturday, 7 April 2007

In the spirit of 'The Good Life' I have been improving our garden. Yesterday I had a great time getting compost out of the bottom of the compost bin and spreading it around the place. Today was the fun planting seeds bit. H did some sweet peas, A did some tomatoes, but the idyllic family afternoon gardening quickly degenerated into me digging and raking and the girls indoors doing much more sensible things, like dancing and colouring.

I had a romantic dream of family life that involved gardening. That dream is gone forever, like the threat of frost in Hampshire. What is it about gardening that makes it more attractive as I get older? Is it getting cooler to garden, or am I getting older and so more likely to be in on a Friday night watching gardening programmes? Either way (and I fear it is the latter) I am pleased to say that global warming is helping me personally as I am confident that there will be no more frost in our garden. With the prospect of early potatoes, a forever supply of lettuce and tomatoes, I am wondering if we should give up the ridiculous public transport dependent car share option and do more to contribute to global warming. The idea of growing figs, peaches and oranges sounds great, doesn't it? Till I remember, with a crashing tumble back to reality, that today is the only day I will be enthusing about gardening and from now until September I will be chasing slugs with a humane trap and getting impatient. Last year I dug up some radishes because I got fed up waiting for them. So peach, figs and oranges are clearly not on the menu in our house this millenium.

Some neighbours of ours (across the road, don't know them, but have reliable facts from Lorna, their next door neighbour), are having a new fence, extension and outdoor heated swimming pool installed in the back garden of their 3 bed semi. Now that's a positive attitude towards global warming which should be encouraged. Might have to get to know them better, so I could have an even more convenient leisure centre than Bitterne. Will ask them to install a gym and sprung floor aerobics studio too.

The Queen eats Carrs Water Biscuits, by the way. Stuffs her face with them.

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