Friday, 19 January 2007

'I want to live forever'... what is it about eternity? A has got to the stage of discussing death at every turn (I remember this stage with H - mummy, am I going to die going down the slide today?) and I heard A today playing 'pretend mummy is dead, but you are not going to die till you are an old old man, daddy...' .

A informed me that if H squirted two blasts of bath water from her water pistol into your mouth, you would live forever. It sounds so easy. But why are they so keen on living forever anyway? And how come A has swallowed (excuse the pun) H's line on eternal life so easily? It sounds too good to be true! And it is! So where does that lead me and my faith - in God to do the same job as the water pistol? Or maybe the water pistol trick DOES work and it faith is as simple and childlike as swallowing two squirts of bath water from your older sister, who you know, love and trust ( most of the time!). Maybe Jesus would not be offended if I thought of him as a big brother in the bath, aged about 5, me about 3, and his offer of eternity via the water pistol is the way to go?

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Lou said...

that was beautiful, id go with that jesus in the bath thing. Please write a book x