Saturday, 27 January 2007

I have neglected my core duties of keeping you Bitterne fans up to date. Sadly, I have once again not had any quality time in precincto this week. Stopped at the library, only to give some books back, no time to browse the local history section. Have done 2 exercise classes at the 'award winning' Bitterne Leisure Centre. Thursday night I went to Body Blitz with Lou. I usually do my exercise alone, under the cover of darkness, so it was fun to go with a friend. I did not ache the next day but it was hard work, lots of squats and abs. On Friday I went to yoga with Marion. A very different kind of class from yoga with Sandra, but very relaxing and hard working at the same time. In the relaxation time at the end I find it a great time to pray, I have got all the rubbish whirling around in my brain out of the way by then.

Sandra runs a yoga class in St Denys as well by the way if you want to go. And Marion is the same lady who does Pilates at Chamberlayne on a Sunday. I think yoga is her first love though. Body Blitz is with Lisa, the same one who does Pilates at Bitterne which I attended last week if you recall. I can recommend all of them for different reasons and wholeheartedly endorse the 'platinum' gym membership from Southampton City Council. If you work for them or Hampshire or some big employers in Southampton it is £28 a month, and as you can tell from these pages I make it pay ten times over. It might be worth switching the hot water off at home and going to BLC for showers from now on.

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