Monday, 25 June 2007

A did a fantastic sick fountain last night, over me and her, so have spent the day at home, with her watching Cbeebies, and me cleaning and houseworking. I have problems with my Dyson, frankly I clean too much and it is flagging, so I borrowed my neighbour's 6 cylinder beast. You know the commandment in the bible 10 - don't covet your neighbour's ox etc. Well, I covet that Dyson! It actually cleans the carpets. You could empty all of the dirt out of the botton with the flick of a switch. Luckily I was on the patio when I discovered that. Not hoovering out there, not that obsessive. I recently purchased a new iron, while we are into appliances. I carefully researched to make R proud of me, then bought one from the same company but with different numbers to the one that was top buy. It is from Philips, and as Steve J works for them, I trust he personally put it together and if it goes wrong I will bypass the normal channels and go straight to him. In fact, I have put my faith in the iron solely on the basis that Steve is a trustworthy, wise person and would not work for a company that made rubbish. So, no pressure.

Must go, have some ironing I am desperate to do.

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