Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Such a lot of Bitterne in my life I haven't had time to tell you. On Monday I went to a disappointing aerobics class at BLC, not very enthusiastic teacher, she is much better doing Body Combat which she obv loves ( and I do too). Tuesday was the classic NRG, with additional flailing around added on to the end of the routines for comedy catch you out effect. Woke up aching yesterday, still aching today, so had a rest day today. A asked for a relaxing day at home, but we ended up having one of those days like we used to have a lot of, with more visitors and phone calls than normally come in a month. It was lovely, I am feeling creative and people oriented, so great to see lots of friends, and even the gas man came round. And A and I made 2 types of muffin - blueberry, and carrot and cheese ones. A had lots of friends to play with and been gorgeous with them, I sometimes worry that she is not such a socialite as me and H - and can find it hard work sharing, but recently she has turned a corner and is very generous and offering to share even precious things. She gave away a cuddly toy today. Great! We used to have a pre Christmas cull, where we would get out a club and whack them till they bled, then take them to a charity shop. The teddies, not the children. Anyhow, word obv got round, cos we don't get anywhere near as many soft tody gifts, and the ones we do are high class stock from Hamleys.

A rare trip to the cinema today. I have taken a while to get this Orange wednesday thing, but tonight was the night! Lorna and I went to see Pirates III. It was long and I found myself yawning. That is my review. Sorry if you are excited about it. Was funny in bits but not as good as I was expecting, and had to concentrate really hard to work out who was double crossing who, and why. Some good insights into 'eternal life' - I liked the line that went something like - 'Its not jut about living forever, but about living with yourself forever'. There were some cool surreal bits 'on the other side' which were quirky and funny and interesting. I just don't find the romance interesting or believable and I may be outvoted but I fear Jack Sparrow has done all he can.

Got home to find that Simon won the apprentice.

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