Saturday, 23 June 2007

Today we went to a swim party in the grounds of one of Rob's colleagues homes. It is near Bognor - well past Chichester and in uncharted territories. They have a swimming pool and the girls spent 60 mins and 90 mins in there. H then said she felt she would die and had to have a nap before she ate her tea. Which she did, so she is still alive. I like meeting new people, and talking to them and there were lots of extraverty feelers (EF) amongst the party goers, so it was easy to chat with people who were easy to chat to. I left the introvert thinkers (IT) for Rob to draw out of their shells with discussion of zoom lenses, gear boxes and PC spec. I have come to uderstand that the ITs -no coincidence on the initials - like talking about IT with people who understand, and HATE talking to wild women with crazy hair who ask them how they feel. So, I have realised that the best policy is to leave em alone and find kindred spirits to share anecdotes and feelings and wonderings about the world with. It has made social situations so much easier since I stopped bothering with asking deep personal questions of IT people, who genuinely don't know how they feel, don't even know if they ever have felt and certainly wouldn't tell a stranger if they did. And I am sure a whole load of them are a lot happier for being left alone by the wild woman with the crazy hair.

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