Saturday, 9 June 2007

Portsmouth again. I have nothing bad to say about it. In fact, on a sunny day in Southsea, it would be easy to feel the Lord calling me to move there and live in a delightful genteel road just back from the seafront, near the Waitrose and other handy stores.

No such luck this time! The rail journey was smooth as ever, and on the way home I shared the bike space with a friendly couple from Hedge End who had cycled from Havant to Porstmouth via Hayling Island for fun. Now, I offered them a game of Scrabble next time they want low impact fun. On the way back, as I cycled past the dump in Hedge End, I noticed a car like ours, and amazingly, it was the rest of my family. R is obsessed with visiting dumps to pick up bikes, and there they were, at exactly the right time for me to meet them and get a lift home. How good is that?

Other good things that happened today were: I was sat on a wall eating my lunch, v quickly as I had a migraine coming and wanted to get the blood bulging through my temples again, and as I turned around to pick up my banana, there was an enormous Stag beetle just making a dive for my ryvita. It was big and ferocious looking and attracted quite a crowd. We had one living in our garden last year, but not as big as the Pompey beetle. Maybe it felt self consious about its size and was intending to use ryvita as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Not the friendly lady on the train home, who had a pack of 13 doughnuts and stood up and offered the spare 5 to anyone who wanted one. One boy had two. It was a great moment, you know I would do something like that and it is so good for me to see someone else do it, warms the cockles and all that. I am not the only weirdo in this world. She was travelling with a group of teenage girls, so I think she had shared the doughnuts, not eaten 8 herself.

Rob is watching the Matrix. We are about 7 years later than everyone else in watching it, but as Dave E recommended it I have avoided it as usually our film tastes never overlap. Having said that, Groundhog Day and Moulin Rouge are two exceptions to the 'Never put Dave(id) and me in the same room with a film on' rule. Dave, I did try really hard, got about half way through ans liked it, then got all tangled up with the computer stuff and didn't care enough. I am sorry, everyone, I really wanted to like it and persisted for a while, but just too sci fi for me, who rates Anne of Green Gables and The Sound of Music in my top films.

Kathryn Copsey of CURBS was the speaker at the training I went to today, and I will write more serious things about what she said on the Southampton Vineyard website. All I can say here is that she is one of my heroes of the faith, and someone I want to emulate in my work and life. Impressed with long word, huh?

I don't think I told you quite how much I ached yesterday after doing Body Combat on Thursday. It is such fun, the time flies by, your heart beats at triple speed and you do loads of comedy kicks and punches. It is a shame it doesn't fit very well in my routine, as I would love to go every week. We had a good swim after with a couple of Roos friends, spent an hour in the pool catching up. L, little girl friend of A's requested that I take her to the toilet rather than her mum. Ha! N had obv suggested this to L, as I stood for ages in the grim surroudings of Bitterne Poolside toilets in a cold and wet bikini - only joking - world not ready for that - tankini. Not even a Bitterne obsessive like me can find anything good to say about the 'wetside' toilets at BLC. Try them for yourself and tell me what you think.

Last night I chaired an AGM, and have stood down as chair and am no longer on the committee for Roos (that is the toddler group we go to on Fridays). I don't find chairing a meeting a natural or fun thing to do, I am much better at being the annoying one who asks all the questions than the sensible one who nods and pretends the questions are interesting and relevant. Anyhow, did it for a year as I said I would, and am pleased to hand it over to a super duper new chair and secretary, with some of the old committee sticking with it to provide continuity. A much better outcome than I anticipated, we were thinking we would have to close the group.

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