Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bitterne today. Nearly went bowling, but it didn't quite come together. I was informed that plans are afoot to get rid of Bitterne AMF bowling centre. Libby, I think that is a cause for social campaigning of far greater worth than whatever is the worst Southampton City Council can do to the libraries. Culture, in its purest form, is to be found in the bowling fraternity. Anyway, we had a good time in the library, and brought home a variety of Anthony Browne books, an illustrator of genius. Also popped into BLC to pay for A's swimming lessons, as she is starting after half term, in the slot straight after H on a Tuesday! How good is that! Only not in the deep end. I imagine she is still in the learner pool. I think she will be freaked out if she has to go in the big cold pool. And who could blame her? It is cold.

Today we had a picnic lunch at the park, which was full of similar pre school children having fun. We were down there on Monday after school too, when it was the fullest I have ever seen it. The sunshine in February drags out even the most reluctant parents...

This morning was my turn to be on the Credit Union duty at the school, and we were rushed off our feet - well, hardly, it's not the Northern Rock or anything. Mainly one fab mum who has all her family and friends investing and brings their money in for them. Incidentally, in this world of repossessions and hard times, our mortgage statement came today, and our monthly payment is being reduced by £3. Only 11 years and 3 months to go! I wonder how much shorter the term would be if we asked to carry on paying the extra £3?

Mind you, the extra £3 will come in handy to pay for A's swimming lesson. Also H is proving expensive this week - £3.50 for a gymnastics badge, and £2.30 for a swimming badge, in the same week. It was her 100m badge. 100m!!!!! That's 4 lengths of Bitterne! How cool is that? Very proud of her, but told her I would not be buying another badge till she got to a mile. My mum bought all my badges, and sewed them on my costume. I sew them on the towel, or, in the case of gym, on the trousers. Gym badges seem a bit ridiculous, you get one for being able to walk in a straight line as far as I can work out.

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