Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bitterne Walk in Centre this morning, for a blood test. I got there at about 8.15, and although it only opens at 8 it was packed. Clearly the walking wounded of Bitterne and environs made it through the night and up there to queue. I cycled, and felt very pleased that I had when I saw the big queue of exhaust puffing cars up the hill to Bitterne, which I breezed up comfortably. I am so much better at cycling that journey, which is hilly, especially on the way home. I did get off and walk up one of the ends of a hill today on the way home. Yesterday, coming home from the Doctors I did it no problem, and I had cycled to and from Woolston that day. Weird, isn't it? I was in Woolston for my haircut and trawl of the 5 fabulous charity shops Woolston contains. I walked over the Itchen bridge into work, which is not something I often do, and there are many plaques on the way over telling you the Samaritans phone number. Its enough to make you want to jump! R and the girls caught the bus to Bitterne yesterday for a swim, and they scootered all the way home and used the money they saved to buy chips for tea. We are having a cheap week, eating all the food in the freezer and doing fun things for free. Today we had a quick, cold trip to the beach to dig sand and splash in the water, and took flasks of hot drinks and home made cookies with us. Tomorrow we are planning a free day out in Bitterne, with a fun history event at the library, bowling for free using the AMF website freebie, and maybe I will take the girls swimming too. We are going swimming on Sunday, and even for us 3 times in one week is a lot.

No extreme sports going on this week. Extreme amounts of laundry though.

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