Saturday, 9 February 2008

Do a seat raise. Do snake hips. This is what was shouted at me last night. I was on the trampoline, with 7 girls aged 6-11 watching me have my 'turn' at Girls God Gang. I could barely stand up and jump, so they were expecting a lot of my first lesson. It is very aerobic. I recommend it for anyone wanting to burn off any pieces of Christmas pud or mince pies still lurking around the midriff.

I was cycling home from Netley yesterday, it was a beautiful day, and my route is relatively quiet and an enjoyable ride. Within 10 minutes from home I am on a country lane with fields and hedges and horses and a landfill site. Then comes the pick your own and the pub. Not quite the Cotswolds, but pretty good on a sunny day. Nearly home, I was overtaken (not hard) by a open top turquoise Rover, blaring out pop tunes into the atmosphere. I imagined, stereotypically, that it would be a young person who didn't know better than to buy such a sad car and drive it in February with the roof down. But it was an older guy. Older than me. I mean! Please! Have a bit of dignity, man! What were you thinking?

Each to their own. Live and let live. Etc.

I stopped off at Thornhill Plus You to have my photo taken, and to collect my winnings - its a £25 Tesco voucher. The next issue comes out on 8 March, so I imagine you will be desperate for a copy. I had a peek at the photos from the Awards ceremony we went to a few weeks ago, and there is a great one of AJ and Ellie doing the YMCA dance which I think made it into the magazine.

Today I met a lady called Stella, a name I always wished for as a child, along with Lorraine. Stella Lorraine would be even better. I hear you can change your name by deed poll online now.


Sarah T said...

I won £20 worh of Smith's vouchers from Barton Peveril - but I had to do a GCSE to get those! A wordsearch sounds much simpler :)

Kay said...

Actually, I found out it was the 'Happy Christmas in 10 languages' that I had won, so a similarly taxing task to a GCSE I think! R's LA fitness card came at last.

Kay said...

Spent the tescos vouchers on food. we having a lean month.