Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Today I officially found out that I won a wordsearch competition in the Thrnhill Today magazine, and some vouchers will be coming my way. A recent tot up:
Year's gym membership ( R went for his induction on Monday)
Paultons trip
Exbury Santa special
Night at the hotel in London
Saints voucher, tour and pennant (sold the vouchers for cash as I not a great Saints fan)
Beaulieu tickets ( waste of pen, entering that one)
A book on Villages of England
A cloth bag

Not bad eh? Well, Ok the cloth bag was rubbish. I have been doing a lot of teaching lately, which may in part explain my not sharing my nuggets with you in this medium. It does give me great opportunity to explain the rules of chance to Year 5s, as we are doing probability in maths. It is all too hard for me to explain really, how buying two lottery tickets doubles your chances, but they are still rubbish odds. As well as struggling with probability (REALLY need Mr Evans Jr for that) I have been struggling with explaining the earth in space (need Mr Evans Sr and his telescope for that). I am OK with all the orbiting and what have you, but the seasons and the tilt of the earth just do my head in. Anyhow, we had a great kinasthetic session today running around on the playground pretending to be moons orbiting the earths who orbited the sun. Tried to do it to scale, so lots of running around in circles and one Earth got a bit dizzy and fell over. Its very awe inspiring stuff, and we had a crazy prof type guy with a blow up planetarium in the hall to show us the stars and talk about the planets and the galaxy and whatever else beyond. Great work if you can get it. The other topic is the Ancient Greeks, so have learnt loads of exciting myths, like Jason and the Golden Fleece, and Theseus and the Minotaur.

I am doing 8 full days work this fortnight, which is great fun, I am covering a paternity leave for a fabulous class. I have just about got them where I want them, which is infinitely more fussy about sharp pencils and clean floors than the average teacher. But tomorrow is my last day, then back to odd days of supply. Last week was tiring as I was at the Vineyard leaders conference in Hayling Island two evenings as well. Less said about Hayling Island the better. Put it this way, roll on global warming - a few inches should do the trick. If it happens while the vineyard leaders conference is on... no, no, perish the thought!

One lovely thing about school is having a school dinner cooked for me every day. Mostly I have a jacket potato and salad, but today was a magnificent roast, with Quorn burger as the Veggie option. I sit with the children in the hall and have odd conversations with them, mainly about how to hold a fork.

At the weekend we had a busy Saturday, with A having started ballet and tap. I used to take H at the agonisingly early time of 9.15 for tap, and had to run around after A who was little and toddly and climbing everything. Now we do the even more awful 8.45 start for ballet, but the delight of sitting in the waiting room with H, who reads her book and does colouring and chats - bliss! I managed to arrange a kids work leaders meeting on Saturday tea time, and fitted in a Tesco shop ( sorry all those a darker shade of green than me) and a trip to Bishopstoke too, then dinner with the lovely Galbraiths in the evening. The girls were having a sleepover evening with Cam, but A insulted him, calling him a poo head, so he wisely decided to leave them to it and slept alone. Last Saturday I drove to Eastbourne to a Children's ministry conference, and this Saturday I have a training day for kidsworkers, so am doing all my church work hours on the weekends and evenings right now.

The Eastbourne trip was cool, I was 'helping' Kathryn on the Curbs stand, but we weren't run off our feet and I made it to 2 seminars, including the fabulous storyteller Bob Hartman. Great to get a fix of Bob and his stories.

Was at Bitterne LC last night, in case you are concerned that all my gadding about the country keeps me from my spiritual home. R and I went for a late evening swim. Not too many veruccae bobbing around on the surf.

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